Air Malta’s fleet renewal project continues with fifth Airbus A320neo delivery – improved comfort, reliability, and sustainability for business travellers

Air Malta has taken delivery of its fifth Airbus A320neo, 9H-NEE, which marks another milestone in the airline’s fleet renewal project.

This new aircraft will replace the outgoing A320ceo, 9H-AEQ, and is equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines and features a two-cabin configuration that can accommodate up to 180 passengers.

Many business travellers appreciate that the A320neo is the world’s most comfortable short-to-medium-haul aircraft, and with its advanced technology, it offers improved fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions than previous-generation Airbus aircraft.

Connected airline: Air Malta is a point-to-point airline that links to partner airlines through 13 codeshares and 61 interline agreements.

The aircraft’s quieter engines and added approach and landing capabilities ensure a smoother and more comfortable journey, while its data communication systems make it a reliable option for short-range flights.

Air Malta’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its fleet renewal project, which aims to transition to a single-type aircraft, the A320neo, to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and noise footprint.

The delivery flight from the Airbus plant in Toulouse to Malta International Airport was powered by a blend of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), which demonstrates Air Malta’s efforts to be a leader in reducing human-induced climate change and meeting its sustainability targets.

Business travellers will appreciate the in-flight entertainment experience offered by the Blueview digital system onboard the A320neo, which provides access to videos, audio, moving maps, games and much more.

Overall, Air Malta’s investment in its fleet renewal project is good news for business travelers, as it offers improved comfort, reliability, and sustainability while maintaining its reputation as the national airline of the Maltese Islands.