British Airways and Heathrow team up with London Wildlife Trust to enhance nature reserves

British Airways and Heathrow have joined forces in a new partnership with London Wildlife Trust to embark on a significant conservation and outreach project.

The initiative, titled ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon,’ will focus on protecting and improving seven nature reserves and country parks in the Hillingdon area of west London.

This collaboration marks the largest corporate partnership to date for the London Wildlife Trust.

Bisected: Yeading Brook Meadows is a large green open space, divided by the Yeading Brook

The project aims to preserve and enhance the natural habitats within the region, ensuring that Hillingdon residents can appreciate and enjoy the abundant wildlife that surrounds them.

The selected sites for this initiative include Minet Country Park, Cranford Country Park, Huckerby’s Meadows, Yeading Brook Meadows, Ten Acre Wood, Gutteridge Woods, and Ickenham Marsh.

Through their joint investment, British Airways and Heathrow will support the project’s endeavors, which include various conservation activities and community engagement initiatives.

Working closely with Hillingdon Council, the project will also provide volunteering opportunities for individuals to actively contribute to the preservation and maintenance of these sites.

Hillingdon boasts numerous hidden treasures where residents and visitors can encounter fascinating wildlife such as kingfishers and kestrels along the picturesque Yeading Brook and Crane River.

Minet Country Park: 36-hectare park, originally part of the Coldharbour Estate, owned by the Minet family from 1766 to the mid-20th century

As part of the project, the London Wildlife Trust will oversee conservation efforts, including cattle grazing, path and fence maintenance, habitat restoration, new planting, and wildlife surveying.

To ensure effective progress monitoring, the project will recruit a ranger who will work closely with volunteers to safeguard and manage the sites.

Recruitment for these exciting opportunities will be announced shortly.

Additionally, the project will organise regular events, including guided walks and outdoor learning sessions, to facilitate the reconnection of residents with their local green spaces.

Mary Brew, Head of Community Investment and Responsible Business at British Airways, expressed pride in the BA Better World Community Fund. Over the past year, the fund has provided support to over 170 charities and organisations throughout the UK.

Mary Brew said,

This latest partnership with London Wildlife Trust is another brilliant project we’re delighted to support through the Community Fund. We’re looking forward to seeing ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon’ deliver its programme of community engagement activities and volunteering opportunities across the borough.

Becky Coffin, Communities and Sustainability Director at Heathrow, highlighted the importance of supporting the launch of ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon.’

Becky Coffin said,

Helping projects like this is exactly what our Giving Back Programme is all about, helping to make this area a great place to live and work

Richard Barnes, Head of Conservation at London Wildlife Trust, spoke about the significance of this new partnership:

This new partnership will enable us to build upon our 40-year investment in Hillingdon with a more ambitious programme of capital works, volunteering and engagement activities on five of our reserves and two of Hillingdon’s; delivering a step change in connecting communities with these sites.”

This partnership between British Airways, Heathrow, and London Wildlife Trust signifies a remarkable commitment to conservation, community engagement, and the preservation of natural heritage.

The ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon’ project promises to foster a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment while providing opportunities for individuals to actively participate in safeguarding these invaluable spaces.

Heathrow Airport announces new CEO

Heathrow Airport’s Board has officially confirmed the appointment of Thomas Woldbye as the successor to John Holland-Kaye, who will step down later this year after nearly a decade at the helm.

Following an extensive recruitment process, Woldbye emerged as the outstanding candidate among a pool of exceptional contenders, both internally and from around the world.

Thomas Woldbye: takes over from John Holland-Kaye as CEO of Heathrow

Currently serving as the CEO of Copenhagen Airport, Woldbye brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record in leading a major airport, championing passenger service, sustainability and growth.

His appointment comes at a crucial time as Heathrow recently underwent an £11 billion private investment program by its shareholders, transforming it into the modern, top-rated airport it is today.

During his tenure at Copenhagen Airport, Woldbye prioritised customers and colleagues, leading to the airport’s transformation into a powerhouse transport hub of northern Europe, earning it accolades for its passenger service. His adeptness in navigating complex stakeholder relationships played a pivotal role in his success.

Woldbye forged strong links with the Danish Government, who are part owners of Copenhagen Airport, and fostered partnerships with airlines to drive investment and development, including significant expansions in terminal capacity.

Before his role at Copenhagen Airport, Woldbye spent 27 years at Møller-Mærsk, where he led the global shipping and ferry divisions, gaining substantial success in diverse operating environments and honing expertise in process efficiency.

John Holland-Kaye, the current CEO of Heathrow, will remain in his position over the summer to ensure the airport continues to deliver excellent passenger service until Woldbye officially assumes the role later this year.

In response to the appointment, Lord Deighton, Chairman of Heathrow, expressed the Board’s delight in selecting Woldbye as the next CEO. Deighton emphasised that Woldbye’s accomplishments at Copenhagen Airport align closely with Heathrow’s long-term strategy, highlighting his ability to successfully run a major airport and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.

Acknowledging Holland-Kaye’s contribution, Deighton commended his unwavering dedication to colleagues and praised his transformative leadership that propelled Heathrow to become a premier global hub.

Holland-Kaye played a pivotal role in developing the expansion plan for Heathrow, securing overwhelming Parliamentary approval. He also adeptly navigated the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and led the industry towards a net-zero future.

Expressing his confidence in Woldbye’s appointment, Holland-Kaye stated that an airport is more than just infrastructure; it is the people who work tirelessly to deliver excellent service to passengers. Holland-Kaye praised Woldbye’s leadership on diversity, sustainability, and his commitment to meeting the needs of passengers, believing that the Heathrow team will be instrumental in Woldbye’s success in delivering the best airport service in the world.

Woldbye himself expressed excitement, pride, and humility upon being chosen to lead one of the world’s most renowned airports on its future journey. He acknowledged the remarkable improvements made by the excellent team at Heathrow in recent years, creating a strong platform for further success. As an important engine for the British economy and intrinsically linked to the success of London and the wider UK, Woldbye looks forward to charting the path for this iconic company. His ambition is to enhance the airport experience for passengers, airlines, the community, and all parts of the UK.

Heathrow Airport, the UK’s international gateway and Europe’s largest airport, welcomes over 200,000 passengers on approximately 1,300 flights daily, serving as Britain’s hub for trade, tourism and investment. With approximately 75,000 colleagues, including airport employees and partners, such as airlines, ground handlers and retailers, Heathrow plays a vital role in connecting the UK to the world.

About Thomas Woldbye

  • Thomas Woldbye assumed the role of CEO at Copenhagen Airport in May 2011. In this position, he is responsible for overseeing the airport’s operations, facilities, and various sectors, including retail, food and beverage, hotels, real estate development, parking, and logistics. Under Woldbye’s leadership, Copenhagen Airport consistently ranks as one of the world’s top airports in terms of customer and retail experiences, efficiency, and profitability. He has successfully collaborated with Danish unions and prioritized customers throughout the airport’s staff.
  • Prior to his role at Copenhagen Airport, Woldbye served for 27 years at A.P. Møller-Mærsk, where he held various management positions across different countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and Denmark. During this time, he played a pivotal role in managing A.P. Møller-Mærsk’s global container business, Maersk Line.
  • In 2004, Woldbye assumed the role of Group CEO at Norfolkline Group, headquartered in The Hague.
  • Woldbye holds an HD in Financing from Copenhagen Business School and has acquired professional qualifications from the London Business School and the IMD in Switzerland.

British Airways Introduces Exclusive Whispering Angel Rosé Bar for Ultimate In-flight Indulgence

British Airways is raising the bar for its customers with the introduction of an exclusive Whispering Angel rosé bar.

This innovative concept will make British Airways the first airline to boast a bespoke bar dedicated solely to the world-famous rosé wine.

Positioned within the British Airways lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5B, the bar aims to provide a refreshing and luxurious experience for passengers before their flights.

Scheduled to open its doors this summer, the Whispering Angel lounge bar will offer Caves d’Esclans’ exquisite Whispering Angel rosé, known for its Provençal pink hue and delightful blend of sun-kissed peach, raspberry, and citrus undertones. Embracing the rosé’s delicate aesthetics, the bar will be adorned in a pale pink color scheme, perfectly reflecting the light tones of the wine served.

In addition to this exciting addition, British Airways will be revitalizing the B gates lounge at Terminal 5.

Passengers can look forward to new and reupholstered furniture, as well as a refreshed layout, creating an even more inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

The Whispering Angel bar will be a haven for British Airways’ customers, offering them an exclusive experience with a wine that has already been well-received in the airline’s First and Club lounges.

The airline aims to enhance its drink offerings further, recently appointing a full-time Master of Wine – the only one known to be appointed by an airline worldwide.

This commitment to excellence is evidenced by the introduction of four new English sparkling wines on board starting from March 2023.

Passengers flying in Club World can now savor the choice of two sparkling options, including the current resident, Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Silver Top Non-Vintage Champagne, as well as an exclusive English sparkling wine.

The latter, offered on a quarterly rotation, provides a rich variety of options.

Currently, customers can indulge in the Digby Fine English Brut NV, with the Balfour Rosé de Noirs from the Balfour Hush Heath Estate in Kent set to join the lineup from July. This delightful lighter rosé sparkling wine, crafted exclusively for British Airways, will be available solely in the airline’s Club World cabin, offering a truly unique and elevated experience at 35,000 feet.

Looking ahead, Simpsons Chalklands Cuvee Brut NV from Kent will grace the selection from October, providing passengers with a perfect choice to round off the year. And starting from January 2024, the refreshing Wiston Estate Brut NV from the South Downs will be introduced, featuring enticing citrus and toasty notes, a delightful way to ring in the new year.

Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Whispering Angel bar, highlighting the positive feedback received from customers regarding the rosé already served in the lounges.

He said,

Our customers are already telling us how much they enjoy the Whispering Angel rosé we are serving in our lounges, so we are thrilled to be opening an exclusive Whispering Angel bar.

We truly believe this will be a massive hit with customers and we are excited that its introduction will coincide with a newly refurbished lounge in the satellite at London Heathrow Terminal 5 B gates.

Château d’Esclans, the producer of Whispering Angel, shared the excitement of the partnership with British Airways, expressing pride in collaborating to launch this stunning bar. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide British Airways’ customers with a delightful glass of rosé before they take flight.

British Airways continues to redefine the inflight experience, focusing on enhancing its drinks offerings and setting new standards of luxury.

With the introduction of the Whispering Angel bar and an expanded selection of English sparkling wines, British Airways sets a new standard of luxury and ensures an extraordinary journey for its esteemed passengers from takeoff to touchdown.

Virgin Atlantic announces new routes across three continents

Virgin Atlantic is expanding its global network by launching new routes to São Paulo, Brazil and Bengaluru, India, while also reintroducing flights to Dubai, Las Vegas, the Maldives, and Turks & Caicos, showcasing their commitment to serving UK-based business travellers with enhanced connectivity and state-of-the-art aircraft.

Virgin Atlantic has announced a series of exciting developments that are set to enhance the travel experiences of UK-based business travellers.

With the launch of new routes across three continents and the introduction of state-of-the-art aircraft, Virgin Atlantic is capitalising on growing demand for business travel. This expansion will offer customers more than 250,000 additional seats across the airline’s network, compared to 2019.

One of the most significant highlights is Virgin Atlantic’s foray into South America with the introduction of a brand-new daily flight from London Heathrow to São Paulo, Brazil.

São Paulo: bustling metropolis and foodie capital

São Paulo, a bustling metropolis known as the foodie capital of Brazil, offers a vibrant cultural scene and serves as a major hub for multinational businesses.

This move not only caters to corporate customers and business travellers but also provides a gateway for leisure travellers seeking enriching experiences.

Additionally, São Paulo’s position as South America’s leading import and export hub will make it a popular cargo route, facilitating trade between the UK and Brazil.

The airline’s expansion in India continues with the introduction of a new route to Bengaluru.

As Virgin Atlantic’s third destination and fourth daily service to India, Bengaluru strengthens the airline’s commitment to serving one of its fastest-growing markets.

The city, renowned for its technological advancements and thriving corporate sector, offers both business opportunities and cultural attractions for adventurous travellers.

New routes will provide seamless connectivity for customers traveling via London Heathrow to various North American destinations, courtesy of Virgin Atlantic’s joint venture partner, Delta Air Lines.

For those seeking premium winter sun destinations, Virgin Atlantic has exciting news as well. The airline will be reintroducing flights from Manchester to Las Vegas, enhancing its offering for leisure travellers in the North of England.

Furthermore, Virgin Atlantic’s return to Dubai, operating seasonally from October through March, will cater to the increasing demand for luxury getaways in sunny destinations. These routes not only accommodate passengers but also provide significant cargo capacity, facilitating trade between the Middle East and key markets in the UK and the US.

Shai Weiss: our plan is working

Demonstrating its commitment to the Caribbean region, Virgin Atlantic will introduce new inter-island flying, allowing both locals and holidaymakers to experience the joy of island hopping.

The airline’s dedication to this beautiful part of the world underlines its support for the region’s tourism industry and its commitment to providing diverse travel options for customers.

Shai Weiss, Virgin Atlantic CEO said,

We’re excited to announce a range of new routes across three continents, giving our customers the opportunity to fly in style with Virgin Atlantic. From our entrance into South America, to our expansion in India and the growth of our premium sun portfolio, there is something for all of our customers to experience.

By leveraging the power of our strategic partners, and welcoming our state of the art, brand new A350 and A339 aircraft, customers can rely on Virgin Atlantic to connect them to where they need to be, enjoying a premium customer experience, delivered by our amazing crew.

Our plan is working, positioning us to return to profitability in 2024.

A350: Virgin Atlantic has invested in one of the youngest fleets of aircraft

To support its network expansion, Virgin Atlantic is welcoming the arrival of new state-of-the-art aircraft, including the Airbus A350 and A330neo.

These aircraft not only contribute to a younger and more fuel-efficient fleet but also offer enhanced passenger experiences, with features like the reimagined Upper Class cabin and game-changing wireless charging.

By the end of 2024, the airline will have received its full order of 12 Airbus A350s and four A330neos.

The recruitment of an additional 350 cabin crew members will further strengthen the airline’s renowned customer service.

Virgin Atlantic’s dedication to sustainability is also commendable. With a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the airline operates one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets in the industry.

Over the past decade, Virgin Atlantic has reduced its absolute carbon emissions by 35%. The airline’s efforts to lead in sustainability are exemplified by its participation in an industry consortium aiming to deliver the first 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel flight across the Atlantic.

This initiative demonstrates the potential for SAF to be safely used as a drop-in fuel within existing infrastructure, engines, and airframes, supporting the industry’s goals of reducing environmental impact.

Virgin Atlantic’s recent announcements reflect the airline’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of UK-based business travellers. With new routes, enhanced connectivity, state-of-the-art aircraft, and a strong commitment to sustainability, Virgin Atlantic is poised to provide an exceptional travel experience while supporting economic growth and trade opportunities between the UK and destinations across the globe.

Heathrow sees huge rise in passenger numbers and record satisfaction levels

Heathrow has provided an update on its passenger numbers and “satisfaction levels” as the airport continues its strong recovery from the pandemic.

The airport has announced that more than 5.4 million passengers travelled through Heathrow in January, the busiest start of the year since 2020.

Heathrow: named best UK airport in Travel Weekly’s Globe Travel Awards 2023

Following detailed surveying of passengers, Heathrow also pointed out that overall passenger satisfaction is now at or above pre-pandemic levels. In January, 98% of passengers waited less than 10 minutes for security.

Border Force are trialling the use of eGates for children aged 10 and 11 in Terminal 5 over half term, and the airport says it is “fully supportive of Border Force’s aspirations to expand the use of eGates to more families and visa holders, assisting with smooth and seamless journeys”.

British Airways and Virgin recently announced restarting ticket sales to China, reopening a key market for British exports once more. Following the pandemic, the airport has worked with airline partners to rebuild the world-class connectivity Heathrow offers to passengers.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: 

Heathrow is back to its best, with passenger satisfaction scores meeting or exceeding 2019 levels. We are giving a warm welcome to families over the half term getaway by delivering excellent service and bringing back the magic of travel.

Terminal passengers were 5.482 million in January 2023, up 111% on January 2022.

Virgin Atlantic to join SkyTeam

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, and Virgin Atlantic have announced that the UK airline will join as SkyTeam’s newest member in early 2023.

Virgin Atlantic will become SkyTeam’s first and only UK member airline, enhancing the alliance’s transatlantic network and services to and from Heathrow and Manchester Airport.

The alliance claimed that Virgin Atlantic customers ‘will benefit from a consistent, seamless customer experience, across 1,000+ global destinations. They’ll also have more opportunities to earn and redeem points across member airlines and access to a network of 750+ airport lounges, spanning six continents’.

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club members will enjoy significant benefits from the day of joining, with a global expansion of its loyalty offering. Virgin Atlantic Silver Card holders will be recognised as SkyTeam Elite Members, whilst the airline’s Gold Card members will become Elite Plus. This recognition provides a raft of benefits, including priority check in, baggage handling and boarding. Flying Club members will be able to take advantage of the benefits as soon as Virgin Atlantic officially enrols in SkyTeam, which is expected early in 2023.

Virgin Atlantic’s entry into the alliance builds upon the success of its transatlantic joint venture partnership with Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM, each already long established SkyTeam members. The four partners are co-located at London Heathrow’s Terminal Three, alongside existing SkyTeam members Aeromexico and China Eastern, providing customers with smooth airside transits and the most convenient connections times possible.

Walter Cho, SkyTeam Chairman said

Walter Cho

Virgin Atlantic is synonymous with innovation…

…and excellent service.

An iconic British airline with a global outlook that puts customers at the heart of its operations

– like SkyTeam and its members –

and we are delighted to welcome them into our alliance.

Kristin Colvile, SkyTeam CEO, said,

Kristin Colvile

As a member of SkyTeam, Virgin Atlantic will benefit from increased opportunities to expand its global network through partnerships and synergies: customers will have more ways to earn and burn miles while enjoying the service for which Virgin Atlantic is renowned. Virgin Atlantic shares SkyTeam’s values, caring for our customers, our employees, and the world in which they live, and we are excited to have them as part of the SkyTeam family.

Shai Weiss, CEO Virgin Atlantic, commented,

Shai Weiss: “2022 marks the year Virgin Atlantic gets back to its best for our customers and people and joining SkyTeam is an important milestone”.

At Virgin Atlantic we strive to create thoughtful experiences that feel different for our customers and SkyTeam shares that customer first ethos.

Our membership will allow us to enhance established relationships with our valued partners at Delta and Air France-KLM, as well as opening up opportunities to collaborate with new airlines.

It will enable a seamless customer experience, with an expanded network and maximised loyalty benefits.

Codeshare agreements are already in place with Aeromexico and Middle East Airlines with options for more codeshares to follow.

Interline agreements with all SkyTeam members are already in place, providing one touch point for all customers, creating a seamless journey on one ticket.

Virgin Atlantic flies to 12 destinations throughout the USA in partnership with Delta and Air France-KLM including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.  In May the airline launched a brand-new service to Austin, Texas and will start daily flights to Tampa, Florida from November. Virgin Atlantic also operates an extensive Caribbean portfolio including Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, and The Bahamas.  Virgin Atlantic also operates services to Greater China, India, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa.

SkyTeam members, Delta, Air France and KLM are already collocated at Virgin Atlantic’s home base at London Heathrow Terminal 3. Virgin Atlantic operates long-haul services from UK regional airports including Edinburgh and Manchester. The airline offers a comprehensive network to North America and the Caribbean in partnership with Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM, and also operates services to Greater China, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa.

July sees improving passenger experience at Heathrow following cap on departing numbers

Heathrow has issued an update on passenger experiences through the airport during July 2022.

Following the introduction of a daily passenger cap, the airport has produced a five bullet point statement, detailing the growth in passenger numbers and explaining the measures in place to produce further improvement in the passenger experience.

The Heathrow statement reads as follows:

  • We have seen the largest rise in passenger numbers of any European airport in the last year. Over 6 million people travelled through Heathrow in July and an estimated 16 million are expected between July and September.
  • The cap on departing passenger numbers has delivered improvements to passenger experience, with fewer last minute flight cancellations, better aircraft punctuality and baggage delivery.
  • Integral to increasing the departing passenger cap is increasing airline ground handler capacity and resilience, and we have initiated a review of ground handling to support that objective.
  • Recruitment for this summer’s getaway began last November, and we have hired an additional 1,300 recruits. Security resource is back at pre pandemic levels, enabling 88% of Heathrow passengers to clear security within 20 minutes or less. 
  • Border Force has performed well so far this summer and we are working to help them secure sufficient resource to serve the peak in passengers returning to the UK over the next few weeks.

Adding to the statement, Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said,

Passengers are seeing better, more reliable journeys since the introduction of the demand cap. I want to thank all my colleagues across the airport for their amazing work in getting people away. This has only been possible because of the collective and determined efforts of airport, airline and wider Team Heathrow teams.

Etihad returns to T4 at Heathrow

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, has confirmed it will return to London Heathrow’s Terminal 4 from 22 June.

Etihad’s return to Terminal 4 follows a temporary home at Terminals 2 and 3 during the pandemic.

Transport connections including the London Underground and Heathrow Express will also reopen.

The Etihad Lounge will also re-open for Etihad’s First and Business class guests, as well as Etihad Guest Platinum and Gold members. The lounge has separate areas for relaxing and dining.

Etihad has also confirmed that from July to September 2022 it is increasing its current four daily flights from London Heathrow to five daily flights.

Also from July, Etihad will increase its services into Dublin to offer a daily flight, and continue to operate daily to and from Manchester.

Etihad is asking all passengers to check in online, arrive at the airport early during this time – the Etihad check-in desks at London Heathrow will be open three and a half hours before departure – and also check whether they need to get Verified to Fly at

British Airways further expands its US network

British Airways is ramping up its US route network this summer, taking its direct US routes to London to 26. 

BA 267: Portland, Oregon International Airport welcomes British Airways and the only direct route between London (Heathrow) and Oregon.

Portland, Oregon has become the newest destination on the British Airways route map, providing the city’s only direct route to the UK.

Neil Chernoff, British Airways’ Director of Networks and Alliances said: 

This summer British Airways will be flying from 26 US cities to London and we’re very excited to be adding Portland to our list of transatlantic destinations. Not only are we the only airline to offer direct flights from Portland to London, but this new route also opens a wide variety of connections for our customers. Through Alaska Airlines, our oneworld partner, British Airways will offer codeshare connections to several destinations operated by Alaska Airlines from Portland.

British Airways has also relaunched its direct route from Pittsburgh to London.  It remains the only airline to offer a direct flight from the Pennsylvanian city to London.

The airline will resume a year-round four-per-week service – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

On 6 June, the airline launched a new, daytime flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to London Heathrow – its third daily flight from Newark to London, to support the return of business travel.

The daytime flight will depart at 7.55am from Newark – a convenient option for travellers wishing to spend an extra night in the New York area before departing, or for those who wish to arrive just in time for an evening in London. 

With this additional flight time, British Airways along with its joint business partner, American Airlines will offer ‘the most extensive network from the New York area to London’ with fifteen daily departures this summer, including eleven daily flights from JFK to Heathrow and one daily flight from JFK to Gatwick.

This summer also marks the return of daily direct flights from San Jose, California, to London on 13 June; and the return of A380 aircraft to more North American airports.

Chicago and Vancouver were the latest cities to welcome home the Airbus.

Meanwhile, Dallas Fort Worth is preparing to welcome the A380 for the first time on 1 July. 

The aircraft, which is British Airways’ and the airline industry’s largest, offers a choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller cabins and has a total of 469 seats. 

There are twelve A380s in the British Airways fleet. Image shows a British Airways Airbus flying over the cliffs at Dover, taken by Wing Commander Neil Frazer from the backseat of Red 10, one of the Red Arrows jets flown by Squadron Leader Mike Ling.

Virgin Atlantic returns to daily Heathrow-Cape Town flights

Virgin Atlantic has announced its return to Cape Town.

A new daily service starts on 5 November 2022 and the service will operate on a Boeing 787-9 with Virgin stating fares start from £711 return in Economy.

The aircraft boasts three classes, Upper Class, Premium and Economy offering different experiences for customers as well as the airline’s world-famous social space.

The new winter service runs until 24t March 2022 and will complement the existing year-round daily service to Johannesburg. 

The airline stated that ‘with demand for travel increasing’ passengers can ‘take full advantage of the beautiful destination with easier access than ever before’.

Business travellers often extend their trips to take in Robin Island, where customers can visit the prison where Nelson Mandela was held; and some wish to challenge their adventurous side by riding the cable cars to Table Mountain’s flat top for sweeping views of the city.

Cape Town is the gateway to the Cape Winelands, the country’s top region for wine tasting tours. 

Juha Jarvinen, Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Atlantic commented:  

We’re incredibly excited to return to the fabulous city of Cape Town with daily services from November. 

Although a little later than we we’d have liked due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the move reflects the fact that travel is recovering and global demand for holidays to sunny, premium destinations is returning at pace.

We’re expecting a high proportion of leisure travellers on this route who will rightly be taking advantage of the winter sun, exploring the world-renowned wine regions and soaking up the rich culture this incredible country has to offer.

Route facts

Virgin Atlantic was founded by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson in 1984, with innovation and amazing customer service at its core. In 2021, Virgin Atlantic was voted Britain’s only Global Five Star Airline by APEX for the fifth year running in the Official Airline Ratings.