A Few Very Important Reminders For Your Forthcoming Trip.

  • Please ensure that your first and surnames, as they appear in your passport, mirror that on your e-ticket.
  • You can access this and all of your itinerary information via our GTM Viewtrip tool
  • Please note that some countries, or states, such as, Singapore, require a minimum of six months passport validity from the date of entry, please check this prior to departure
  • A Machine-Readable, or e-passport, is now an entry requirement for many countries
  • For travel to the United States of America you will either, need to travel as part of the Visa Waiver Program, and have an ESTA; or have a valid visa
  • Please bear in mind that many states and governments require certain passport information prior to arrival in their country; we are happy to administer this data in advance on your behalf
  • Please remember that many countries such as, China, India & Russia, also require foreign passport holders to obtain a visa prior to arrival; please plan in advance, this can take time
  • Finally, and whenever possible, please check in online for your flight. There is a list of airlines who offer online check on our web site

Whilst we take every care to ensure that you are fully prepared for your forthcoming trip, Global Travel Management Limited does not take any responsibility should you be unable to travel due to incorrect documentation, such as, electronic ticket, passport or visa.

We also strongly recommend that you check out some of the web sites on our Useful Links page for further information.

Should you be in any doubt whatsoever about any of the above points, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Don’t forget we can also book your hotel rooms, airport transfers, airport car parking and car hire; both in your country of departure and arrival.