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Global Travel Management App

With the GTM Travel app, clients can easily check-in online and get in touch with the Travel Agent. On their mobile devices, travelers have access to their itinerary information like real time flight details, hotel details and local weather forecasts at any time of the day. To prevent unpleasant surprises, the traveler can also be informed by alert notifications if a flight is cancelled or delayed.

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  • Real time information of all your bookings
  • Access all your itinerary from anytime (flights, hotels)
  • Get directions to all itinerary items
  • Get offerings on map for additional itinerary items nearby (Restaurants, bars, museum, shopping and sites)
  • Get in contact with your travel agent easily anytime
  • Access to online flight Check-in
  • Add personal alerts to specific itinerary items


  • Display booking reservations/options in the itinerary manager