New British Airways route to Tromsø

British Airways has announced the launch of its first-ever flight to Tromsø, Norway, set to commence on 1 December 2024.

This new route will make Tromsø the airline’s most northerly destination, offering UK-based business travellers and holidaymakers alike a unique opportunity to explore this Arctic gem.

Tromsø, renowned for its spectacular views of the aurora borealis, is perfectly situated within the northern lights’ oval. With winter temperatures ranging from 0°C to -5°C, it promises a true winter wonderland experience, complete with skiing, mountaineering, and whale watching. The city’s festive charm is further enhanced by its popular Christmas markets, particularly the picturesque market in Stortorget, the main square.

Neil Chernoff, British Airways’ Chief Planning and Strategy Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the new route:

Those who missed the northern lights in the UK need not worry! We are excited to welcome Tromsø to our route network – it is a growing winter leisure market thanks to its abundance of cold-weather activities and we’ll be the only premium carrier operating there from the UK.

We’ve optimised the schedule for three- and four-night trips, which we know are perfect for a destination like this.

Return flights to Tromsø are now available from £153 and will run twice a week until 27 March 2025. Travellers can bring skiing or snowboarding equipment as part of their checked baggage, provided it fits within the dimensions of 190 x 75 x 65cm.

Tromsø, Norway: British Airways serves more than 190 destinations across more than 65 countries, including routes with its partnership airlines

Tromsø’s inclusion in British Airways’ network highlights the airline’s commitment to expanding its destinations and providing premium travel experiences. Whether for business or leisure, this new route offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation in one of the world’s most enchanting winter locations.

For more information on how this new route can benefit your business travel plans, please contact your Global Travel Management Account Manager.

British Airways completes Heathrow Terminal 5B lounge refresh: a premium travel experience awaits

British Airways has concluded the final phase of its lounge refresh at London Heathrow Terminal 5B, bringing a host of exciting enhancements for its premium customers.

This substantial makeover introduces a new servery area, deli station, updated furniture, and the addition of a serene quiet zone.

The latest upgrades come on the heels of British Airways’ launch of the exclusive Whispering Angel bar earlier in the summer within the T5B lounge.

The improvements extend across the airline’s First and Club lounges located at London Heathrow Terminal 3, delivering a superior experience for travellers.

In addition, a brand-new bar has been installed in the First lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5, further elevating the premium offering.

Expert garnishing: the live food preparation area

One of the most notable features in the T5B lounge is the live food preparation area, where customers can witness their meals being expertly garnished with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

This culinary innovation offers a delightful gastronomic experience for travellers.

For those who prefer a self-service dining experience, the redesigned deli area provides an extensive selection of hot and cold dishes, including a range of breakfast options, sandwiches, and light bites, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Bespoke furniture: the lounge’s makeover includes soft furnishings, flooring and seating

The lounge’s makeover extends beyond food and beverage offerings.

The refreshing of the lounge includes the introduction of bespoke furniture, new flooring, and soft furnishings.

These updates contribute to a more elevated and comfortable ambiance.

Additionally, the introduction of a quiet zone provides travellers with a serene space to relax before their flight.

Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer, emphasised the airline’s commitment to enhancing the airport experience, especially for premium customers, stating,

We want to ensure we offer something for everyone using our lounges, whether that’s providing an area for those who wish to relax, catch up on work, or somewhere for our customers to enjoy our British Original-inspired dishes. We hope these changes go a long way in making a difference to our customers’ experience before their flight.

Onboard, British Airways has introduced new seasonal winter menus for all customers and delightful snack boxes for those traveling in World Traveller (economy) and World Traveller Plus (premium economy) on long-haul routes.

These snack boxes contain a variety of sweet and savoury treats, including chocolates, biscuits and popcorn, and are offered to customers as a mid-flight snack.

The airline is not stopping at lounge enhancements.

They have plans to add new furniture and day beds to the Concorde Room and Arrivals lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5.

In the coming months, British Airways is set to implement further upgrades to its Edinburgh lounge and will unveil a brand-new bar and an enhanced menu in its Seattle lounge next year.

As part of its ongoing commitment to provide a truly exceptional experience, British Airways has also created the ultimate martini in its Concorde Room, in collaboration with mixologist Mr Lyan and designed by engineering experts, Bremont and CALLUM.

British Airways continues to lead the way in providing premium services and experiences for its customers, making each journey truly remarkable.

For further information on these exciting developments and to experience the upgraded lounge facilities, travellers are encouraged to contact their Global Travel Account Manager.

Simplified Avios collection: British Airways unveils game-changing benefits for UK business travellers

British Airways has announced a revolutionary change to the way Avios points are collected by Executive Club Members, effective from 18th October 2023.

This update introduces a transparent, consistent, and simplified approach, specifically suitable for UK-based business travellers.

Under the new collection model, Members will now have the opportunity to earn up to nine Avios points for every £1 spent, based on their Tier status. This innovative system ensures that the more one invests in their travel experience, the more Avios points they will accumulate.

Furthermore, British Airways has introduced additional enhancements that allow Members to collect Avios points on ancillary purchases. Starting from the same date, Members can earn Avios points when choosing upgrades and pre-paid seat selections. This serves as a recognition and reward for their loyalty beyond the flight itself.

This groundbreaking change means that, for the first time, British Airways customers can collect Avios points on a wider range of purchases, including upgrades, pre-paid seat selections and even excess baggage fees.

The amount of Avios points collected will be based on the amount spent rather than the distance travelled, ensuring a consistent and transparent approach that Members will appreciate.

From 18th October 2023, Members will enjoy the following Avios point accrual rates based on their Tier status:

  • Blue members 6 Avios points per qualifying* £1 spent
  • Bronze members 7 Avios points per qualifying £1 spent
  • Silver members 8 Avios points per qualifying £1 spent
  • Gold members 9 Avios points per qualifying £1 spent

It’s important to note that this enhanced collection model will also apply to flights marketed by our valued partner, Iberia**.

Ian Romanis, Director of Retail and Customer Relationship Management at British Airways, expressed his enthusiasm for these changes,

We value our customers’ feedback and ideas, which inspire us to evolve our Executive Club. Our updated system offers a simplified and transparent approach, providing more opportunities than ever to collect Avios points. By rewarding loyalty based on our customers’ cash spend, we’re adopting a proven model used by several global airlines, including our sister airline, Iberia.

This update to the collection model is the latest in a series of improvements to the Executive Club, demonstrating British Airways’ commitment to continuously enhance the loyalty programme for esteemed Members. Earlier this year, Avios-Only flights were introduced, with 100% of seats exclusively available to Members as Reward Seats. The overwhelming response was evident when the first Avios-Only flight to Sharm El Sheikh sold out within 24 hours.

In addition to flights, Executive Club Members have the opportunity to accumulate Avios points in various aspects of everyday life.

Whether it’s spending with the British Airways American Express Credit Card, travelling with Uber, converting Nectar points, or shopping on the British Airways Avios eStore, the possibilities to earn and maximise Avios points are almost endless.

Paul Baker: fantastic opportunity for GTM customers

Paul Baker, Sales Director of GTM explained how customers should automate their collection of Avios,

This is a great opportunity for you to add to your collection of Avios.

You should make sure that GTM has your BA Executive Club membership details so we can ensure each qualifying flight is immediately rewarded with Avios accrued to your account.

For more information, please visit the British Airways website.

*Qualifying spend refers to eligible purchases that contribute to Avios point accrual.
**The new collection model also applies to flights marketed by Iberia, British Airways’ partner airline.

British Airways transatlantic sale

The British Airways sale has started and Global Travel Management customers can take advantage of big discounts on BA flights across the Atlantic.

From today – 12 July – you can enjoy discounts of up to 20% or more in Business Class cabins to selected destinations in North America from London.

The discounts apply to flights between 19 July and 30 August 2023 and must be booked by 25 July.

Destinations include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, San Jose and Washington.

British Airways offers enhanced comfort, privacy and personalised service to help you reach your destination relaxed and refreshed.

Are you ready to explore new cities and new adventures? Or do you just want to pick up a great flight at an even better price? Call your GTM Account Manager for details.

British Airways and Heathrow team up with London Wildlife Trust to enhance nature reserves

British Airways and Heathrow have joined forces in a new partnership with London Wildlife Trust to embark on a significant conservation and outreach project.

The initiative, titled ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon,’ will focus on protecting and improving seven nature reserves and country parks in the Hillingdon area of west London.

This collaboration marks the largest corporate partnership to date for the London Wildlife Trust.

Bisected: Yeading Brook Meadows is a large green open space, divided by the Yeading Brook

The project aims to preserve and enhance the natural habitats within the region, ensuring that Hillingdon residents can appreciate and enjoy the abundant wildlife that surrounds them.

The selected sites for this initiative include Minet Country Park, Cranford Country Park, Huckerby’s Meadows, Yeading Brook Meadows, Ten Acre Wood, Gutteridge Woods, and Ickenham Marsh.

Through their joint investment, British Airways and Heathrow will support the project’s endeavors, which include various conservation activities and community engagement initiatives.

Working closely with Hillingdon Council, the project will also provide volunteering opportunities for individuals to actively contribute to the preservation and maintenance of these sites.

Hillingdon boasts numerous hidden treasures where residents and visitors can encounter fascinating wildlife such as kingfishers and kestrels along the picturesque Yeading Brook and Crane River.

Minet Country Park: 36-hectare park, originally part of the Coldharbour Estate, owned by the Minet family from 1766 to the mid-20th century

As part of the project, the London Wildlife Trust will oversee conservation efforts, including cattle grazing, path and fence maintenance, habitat restoration, new planting, and wildlife surveying.

To ensure effective progress monitoring, the project will recruit a ranger who will work closely with volunteers to safeguard and manage the sites.

Recruitment for these exciting opportunities will be announced shortly.

Additionally, the project will organise regular events, including guided walks and outdoor learning sessions, to facilitate the reconnection of residents with their local green spaces.

Mary Brew, Head of Community Investment and Responsible Business at British Airways, expressed pride in the BA Better World Community Fund. Over the past year, the fund has provided support to over 170 charities and organisations throughout the UK.

Mary Brew said,

This latest partnership with London Wildlife Trust is another brilliant project we’re delighted to support through the Community Fund. We’re looking forward to seeing ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon’ deliver its programme of community engagement activities and volunteering opportunities across the borough.

Becky Coffin, Communities and Sustainability Director at Heathrow, highlighted the importance of supporting the launch of ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon.’

Becky Coffin said,

Helping projects like this is exactly what our Giving Back Programme is all about, helping to make this area a great place to live and work

Richard Barnes, Head of Conservation at London Wildlife Trust, spoke about the significance of this new partnership:

This new partnership will enable us to build upon our 40-year investment in Hillingdon with a more ambitious programme of capital works, volunteering and engagement activities on five of our reserves and two of Hillingdon’s; delivering a step change in connecting communities with these sites.”

This partnership between British Airways, Heathrow, and London Wildlife Trust signifies a remarkable commitment to conservation, community engagement, and the preservation of natural heritage.

The ‘Connecting with Nature in Hillingdon’ project promises to foster a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment while providing opportunities for individuals to actively participate in safeguarding these invaluable spaces.

British Airways Introduces Exclusive Whispering Angel Rosé Bar for Ultimate In-flight Indulgence

British Airways is raising the bar for its customers with the introduction of an exclusive Whispering Angel rosé bar.

This innovative concept will make British Airways the first airline to boast a bespoke bar dedicated solely to the world-famous rosé wine.

Positioned within the British Airways lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5B, the bar aims to provide a refreshing and luxurious experience for passengers before their flights.

Scheduled to open its doors this summer, the Whispering Angel lounge bar will offer Caves d’Esclans’ exquisite Whispering Angel rosé, known for its Provençal pink hue and delightful blend of sun-kissed peach, raspberry, and citrus undertones. Embracing the rosé’s delicate aesthetics, the bar will be adorned in a pale pink color scheme, perfectly reflecting the light tones of the wine served.

In addition to this exciting addition, British Airways will be revitalizing the B gates lounge at Terminal 5.

Passengers can look forward to new and reupholstered furniture, as well as a refreshed layout, creating an even more inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

The Whispering Angel bar will be a haven for British Airways’ customers, offering them an exclusive experience with a wine that has already been well-received in the airline’s First and Club lounges.

The airline aims to enhance its drink offerings further, recently appointing a full-time Master of Wine – the only one known to be appointed by an airline worldwide.

This commitment to excellence is evidenced by the introduction of four new English sparkling wines on board starting from March 2023.

Passengers flying in Club World can now savor the choice of two sparkling options, including the current resident, Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Silver Top Non-Vintage Champagne, as well as an exclusive English sparkling wine.

The latter, offered on a quarterly rotation, provides a rich variety of options.

Currently, customers can indulge in the Digby Fine English Brut NV, with the Balfour Rosé de Noirs from the Balfour Hush Heath Estate in Kent set to join the lineup from July. This delightful lighter rosé sparkling wine, crafted exclusively for British Airways, will be available solely in the airline’s Club World cabin, offering a truly unique and elevated experience at 35,000 feet.

Looking ahead, Simpsons Chalklands Cuvee Brut NV from Kent will grace the selection from October, providing passengers with a perfect choice to round off the year. And starting from January 2024, the refreshing Wiston Estate Brut NV from the South Downs will be introduced, featuring enticing citrus and toasty notes, a delightful way to ring in the new year.

Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Whispering Angel bar, highlighting the positive feedback received from customers regarding the rosé already served in the lounges.

He said,

Our customers are already telling us how much they enjoy the Whispering Angel rosé we are serving in our lounges, so we are thrilled to be opening an exclusive Whispering Angel bar.

We truly believe this will be a massive hit with customers and we are excited that its introduction will coincide with a newly refurbished lounge in the satellite at London Heathrow Terminal 5 B gates.

Château d’Esclans, the producer of Whispering Angel, shared the excitement of the partnership with British Airways, expressing pride in collaborating to launch this stunning bar. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide British Airways’ customers with a delightful glass of rosé before they take flight.

British Airways continues to redefine the inflight experience, focusing on enhancing its drinks offerings and setting new standards of luxury.

With the introduction of the Whispering Angel bar and an expanded selection of English sparkling wines, British Airways sets a new standard of luxury and ensures an extraordinary journey for its esteemed passengers from takeoff to touchdown.

Expanded business travel opportunities as British Airways resumes Beijing route

British Airways resumes direct flights between London and Beijing, offering enhanced business travel connections and a luxurious experience for UK-based travellers, marking a significant milestone in the UK-China travel sector.

In a significant milestone, British Airways’ inaugural flight from London to Beijing landed at Beijing Daxing Airport yesterday, 4 June, marking the resumption of their passenger service between the two cities.

This is British Airways’ first flight on this route since January 2020 when it was suspended due to the global pandemic.

With this relaunch, British Airways proudly holds the distinction of being the sole British carrier operating direct flights between Beijing and the UK.

The new four-times-a-week service will operate between Beijing and London, with departures from Daxing Airport on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

This development not only benefits business travellers but also highlights the airline’s joint business partnership with China Southern, as both carriers operate from Daxing Airport. The collaboration provides customers with improved connectivity options between the UK and China, seamless transfers, a broader range of onward flights, and enhanced benefits.

Through the joint business, frequent flyer benefits have been amplified, allowing travellers to earn more points, conveniently book through both airlines’ websites or apps, enjoy upgraded lounge access, and experience some of the finest Chinese and British products and services both in the air and on the ground.

To commemorate this long-awaited moment, Louise Street, British Airways’ Director of Worldwide Airports, personally welcomed the inaugural flight, extending warm greetings to passengers and crew upon their arrival. Street expressed her excitement, stating,

The restart of one of our most important routes after more than three years is a long-awaited moment for all of us at British Airways. Following the successful resumption of flights between Shanghai and London in April, we’re excited to be back in Beijing too, reuniting families and friends and facilitating international student and business travel once again. We are looking forward to working hand-in-hand with our joint business partner China Southern, to provide wider transit options and various benefits to our customers in China and the UK

Travellers journeying between London and Beijing can now indulge in British Airways’ newly designed Club Suite cabin, specifically tailored to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for business class passengers.

The innovative design features direct-aisle access, suite doors for enhanced privacy, luxurious flat-bed seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, and an impressive 40% increase in storage capacity.

Additional amenities include WiFi, 18.5-inch inflight entertainment screens with high-definition gate-to-gate programming, PC/USB power outlets, plush new furnishings including pillows and warm quilts from The White Company, upgraded amenity kits, and an elevated dining experience.

In October 2019, British Airways became the first international flag carrier to transition operations to the newly opened Daxing Airport, a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Passengers arriving at Daxing Airport can benefit from the high-speed rail link into the city and enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, including a newly redesigned lounge catering to eligible travellers.

The resumption of British Airways’ direct flights between London and Beijing represents an exciting development for business travellers in the UK seeking convenient and seamless connections with China. With enhanced connectivity, unparalleled in-flight amenities, and the backing of their joint business partnership with China Southern, British Airways is set to redefine the travel experience for corporate travelers between the two nations.

British Airways Commences global rollout of new uniforms, elevating the style of 30,000 employees

British Airways introduces a stylish and practical new uniform collection designed by Ozwald Boateng for its operational ground colleagues, marking a significant step forward in the airline’s commitment to modernization and sustainability.

BA has unveiled its brand-new uniform, marking the beginning of a rollout that will see more than 5,000 colleagues in the airline’s engineering, maintenance, and airport operations teams donning the new garments.

Pioneers: ground crew are among the first BA employees to don the new uniforms

Designed by renowned British-Ghanaian fashion designer and master tailor Ozwald Boateng OBE, the uniforms will eventually be worn by over 30,000 British Airways employees worldwide by the end of this year.

UK-based business travellers will be particularly interested in the development. The next phase of the rollout, in September, will include cabin crew, pilots, and customer-facing colleagues.

The new uniform collection represents a significant step forward, offering a wider range of options and flexibility. With over 128,000 garment items ordered for operational ground colleagues alone, this wardrobe refresh presents more choices than ever before.

The collection features more than 20 unique garments, including a cutting-edge quilted jacket with a contemporary design showcasing a bespoke airwave print—a consistent element throughout the collection.

Engineered design: 30,000 BA employees will have the new uniforms this year

Designed with practicality in mind, the jacket comes with a fleece lining, is showerproof, and incorporates additional pockets for tools, detachable tool belts, and gloves with touch screen technology.

What sets this uniform apart is the extensive collaboration and input from British Airways colleagues over a span of five years.

More than 1,500 employees from across the airline volunteered their time to shape the look and feel of the collection. Through numerous design workshops, prototype feedback sessions, and garment trials—over 50 in total—colleagues provided invaluable insights to create the iconic British designs that embody both style and functionality.

To ensure the utmost suitability and durability, Ozwald Boateng immersed himself in the world of British Airways by shadowing various airport roles. This firsthand experience enabled him to understand the unique requirements of each role and integrate them into the designs.

Once the garments were developed, they underwent rigorous secret trials, including exposure to deluge showers and temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius to test their water resistance and durability.

René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer of British Airways, expressed his excitement about the new uniform rollout, stating,

This uniform has been multiple years in the making, and colleagues are genuinely excited to wear the collection, which they’re calling a step change from the previous garments, offering much more practicality. I’m delighted that airport operations, cargo, engineering and maintenance colleagues across our airports and bases worldwide will be the first to transition into the new designs

Style icon: Ozwald Boateng

In line with British Airways’ sustainability programme, BA Better World, sustainability was a key consideration in the design process of the new uniforms, as well as in the recycling of the old ones.

As operational ground teams begin wearing their new uniforms, they will return their current uniforms, which will either be donated to selected charities or recycled.

The airline is exploring various options for recycling the garments, including the creation of a sustainable range of merchandise and the allocation of certain items to the British Airways Heritage Centre.

The launch of British Airways’ new uniform collection signifies a significant milestone in the airline’s commitment to modernisation, practicality and sustainability.

British Airways celebrates the Coronation of King Charles III with royal treatment for passengers

As the United Kingdom prepares to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, British Airways is joining in the festivities by offering its customers a royal experience both on the ground and in the air.

British Airways has teamed up with VisitBritain to welcome visitors with a giant mural on the London Heathrow flight path. The mural was designed by local children and is located in Thornbury Park in Hounslow.

Eton Mess: British Airways will be serving bespoke popcorn to lucky passengers

The two young artists, Jasmine Prajapati and Raya Prajapati, aged 9 and 12 respectively, sketched the designs around the theme of ‘a natural world,’ which is a passion of the King’s and a key theme of the King’s Coronation emblem.

The airline is also offering a celebratory flight on 5 May, which will be operated by a crew of Charles, Camilla, and variants of their names.

Customers onboard the flight from Heathrow to Cape Town, in South Africa, a Commonwealth member state, will be looked after by a team of ten cabin crew, including three people called Camilla, five called Charles, a Kamila, and a Millie. The 777-200 aircraft will be flown by three pilots called Charles.

Customers with the surname ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ departing from Heathrow or Gatwick on 6 May will receive the royal treatment with access to the airline’s luxury lounges.

At 35,000 feet, British Airways is offering customers bespoke Eton mess popcorn and Coronation-themed desserts, including a bespoke lemon and white chocolate Coronation tart, an afternoon tea with a trio of royal desserts, and a lemon and white chocolate mousse topped with a chocolate crown, inspired by King Charles’ well-known love of lemon cream. Customers will also be able to watch a live stream of the Coronation through onboard WiFi.

First name terms: BA cabin crew

To mark this historic occasion, British Airways has partnered with The Prince’s Trust to offer 11 young adults spaces on one of the airline’s apprenticeship schemes.

The airline is also an official business sponsor of The Big Help Out, a voluntary initiative aimed at raising awareness and providing volunteering opportunities for people throughout the UK.

Lisa Tremble, British Airways’ Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, said,

We are excited to be able to celebrate this significant moment in history.

As Britain’s flag carrier, we are proud to be welcoming visitors to our home and celebrating with our customers on board, offering a selection of Coronation-themed surprises to mark the occasion.

We are also celebrating with our fantastic colleagues across our airports and offices and crewing a flight full of colleagues called Charles and Camilla, so it will definitely be a weekend we won’t forget!

British Airways’ celebrations will add to the excitement and joy of the Coronation celebrations. With their exceptional service and unique offerings, the airline continues to maintain its reputation as a premier airline in the United Kingdom.

So, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, British Airways is the perfect way to join in the Coronation celebrations and experience a royal welcome fit for a king or queen.

British Airways unveils new safety video celebrating British originality

British Airways is about to launch its latest onboard safety video, featuring airline colleagues and iconic British personalities that showcase what makes Britain unique and original.

The five-minute video, set to premiere on 1 May 2023, is designed to celebrate the timeless quirks and unique people of the UK while ensuring passengers remain safe during their travels.

The video plays on things that are synonymous with the UK, from discussing the weather to enjoying fish and chips by the sea, to show viewers things that make the nation unique.

British Airways employees from across the airline are featured in the video, showcasing their roles on the ground and in the air. British Airways engineer Carl Carpenter even makes a cameo, driving across an engineering hangar while reminding customers to unplug their devices.

The safety video also features some of the Great British public, injecting wit and showcasing Britishness. For instance, when cabin crew member Emily Mae Jackson reminds customers that life jackets should not be inflated inside the aircraft, viewers see the instruction playfully taken out of context with a real-life farmer near Dover and two fishermen on Deal beach in Kent all inflating their life jackets.

Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer, said:

We have all sat through safety demonstrations before, so we knew we needed to create something different that would capture attention and was totally in line with our British Original positioning. We wanted this to be a real celebration of originality and for us, it is our people who – together with where we’re from – make us unique.

That’s why it was important for us to hero so many of our amazing colleagues doing what they do each and every day for our customers and for each other. We also wanted to inject some wit and showcase Britishness, and all the quirks that put us on the map by shining a light on real life people – from fishermen and chip shop workers to friends hanging out, as well as some well known faces who help put Britain on stage.

So… seats in the take-off position and we hope you really enjoy our new safety video.

The airline’s colleagues star alongside celebrities like Ncuti Gatwa, Little Simz, Robert Peston, Kaya Scodelario, Steven Bartlett, Emma Raducanu, chef Tom Kerridge, and British Airways’ new uniform designer, Ozwald Boateng.

The safety video is part of British Airways’ efforts to champion and showcase British Originality across its customer experience, from its menus featuring the best of British cuisine to its dedicated British Original in-flight entertainment channel.

The airline’s dedication to showcasing the best of Britain is evident in its latest safety video, and business travellers are sure to appreciate the unique blend of wit, charm, and safety that British Airways has presented.

Later this year, a second version of the safety video featuring the airline’s colleagues in its new uniform will be released, giving customers even more reasons to fly with British Airways.