Top travel agents recognised at national awards ceremony

The UK’s top travel agents were recognised at a presentation dinner and awards ceremony at Birmingham’s spectacular The Vox convention centre last night (24 March).

Organised by travel industry publication TTG and sponsored by some of the travel industry’s biggest names, the TTG Top 50 is the annual celebration of the very best travel agencies in the country.

The awards are split into twelve regional categories for high street travel agents, eight national awards for the best-of-the-best and four ‘special’ categories.

Of the 24 categories, one is devoted to business travel. And it’s for this award – the Best Business Travel Agency 2022 – that Global Travel Management was honoured by being shortlisted, along with just three other companies.

Speaking before the event, Scott Pawley, managing director of GTM said,

From customer comments we receive on a regular basis, we know we’re doing a great job.  In fact that’s why so many customers remain so loyal to GTM; and why we’re heading out of the pandemic with more customers than at any time in our history.  But to be nominated for shortlisting in this category is a huge testament to the work we have put in over the years to make sure GTM is seen as a rightful competitor to some of the biggest, heavily-backed, multi-million dollar businesses in the industry.  

It might be too much to expect that a company the size of GTM could take on and beat the biggest businesses in the UK.  But I am very grateful for the support of our customers and suppliers which has enabled this David to step into the same ring as several Goliaths

In the event, it wasn’t too much to expect, because the judges decided to award Global Travel Management with one of just two places in the categroy Best Business Travel Agencies 2022.

Speaking after the awards were announced, Scott Pawley said:

The recognition we received by being shortlisted is for the hard work and excellence of the team that makes GTM tick – I am very pleased that everyone in our team knows that their contribution to our success has been recognised.

The judges saw that exceptional work GTM put in during the course of the pandemic. From launching new products and services like our Carbon Offset Programme and PinPoint to the work we put in behind the scenes, campaigning for a better deal from the government during travel bans and making our voices heard in Grant Shapps’ Global Travel Taskforce.

We also closed acquisitions and, with new customers coming on board, we now have more customers than at any point in our history.

It’s a great way to mark 25 years as a travel management company.

The event started with an exclusive afternoon tea party for travel agents and, following a lavish dinner, with entertainment, the awards ceremony took place, with the party continuing until 2am.

Evergreen Pop Idol Will Young took to the stage at the end of the TTG Top 50 awards ceremony, involving the best travel agencies from across the UK.
Global Travel Management’s team celebrating the company’s place in the TTG Top 50 Travel Agencies 2022.

How would you spend two extra hours on your next transatlantic trip?

That’s a question a number of business travellers are facing, thanks to a great time-saving initiative for business travellers flying from the UK to the United States.

One of the most frustrating, time-consuming issues business travellers entering the US face is the long lines ahead of customs clearance and border control.  After a long haul flight, the last thing many travellers want is to be faced with a lengthy wait and interrogation before even being able to leave the airport.  

Given the opportunity, many business travellers would prefer to clear customs and border checks before arriving in the country.  

Now, thanks to several routes that incorporate a stopover in Dublin Airport, passengers can “preclear” US customs and border control at a leisurely pace ahead of their onward flight to the United States.  

Global Travel Management Sales Director, Paul Baker explained, 

Paul Baker, Global Travel Management

At Global Travel Management, we will always help customers find the best fare.  But ‘best’ very rarely just means ‘cheapest’.  What customers look for as well as the lowest-cost is the most convenient route: the best value services on board: and the best and most efficient use of time. So, we often find that a route to the US through Dublin, allowing customers to preclear in the terminal building ahead of the transatlantic portion of the flight is a very welcome, very useful way to save a couple of hours – or more – on landing.

Making a stop in Dublin Airport offers a great alternative for passengers who might otherwise travel to Heathrow or Gatwick before boarding a direct flight to their destination city in the US.  Because many regional airports across the UK offer connections to and through Dublin.  This can often mean saving even more time. 

Paul explained further, 

A long haul flight means eating into a lot of otherwise productive time.  Add to that the time taken to travel to London’s two main airports and clearing customs – with passengers arriving from all over the world – and you have a lengthy addition to your travel time. 

But more and more passengers are taking advantage of travelling from UK airports closer to their homes or places of work.  If you live in the southwest of England, the south coast, the northeast, near the midlands, in Wales or close to airports in Scotland, you can hop on a short haul flight to Dublin, preclear US checks at the airport, and get on your transatlantic flight.  

You’ll cross the ‘pond’ in the knowledge you will be straight through the airport and heading for your hotel, meeting or other destination without having to hang around.

Several airlines have opened transatlantic routes through Dubin, with Aer Lingus among the most celebrated. 

Keith Tenn of Aer Lingus told us, 

Keith Tenn, Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus has established routes to several cities all over the United States.  So, passengers can choose to take advantage of this well-established opportunity at Dublin Airport. 

The door-to-door time-savings can be substantial; many of the fares are very competitively priced, in order to offer great savings. Also, passengers can accumulate Avios, one of the most widely-used frequent flyer currencies.

Contact your GTM Account Manager when you need to plan your next transatlantic trip or if you want to find out more about how to make use of preclearance in Dublin.

GTM supports the Travel Day of Action

Global Travel Management is supporting the industry-wide campaign, Travel Day of Action on 23 June.

The event takes place following the Government’s review of the traffic light system – in which countries were moved from green to amber and amber to red, while none was moved in the opposite direction – and its failure to extend sector-specific support for the travel and aviation industries.

The day of action will be calling on the UK Government to

  • Allow international travel to return safely and in a risk managed way by properly implementing the Global Travel Taskforce’s plan; and to
  • Bring forward a package of tailored financial support to recognise that the unlocking of international travel, and hence businesses’ ability to trade and generate income, will be much slower than first anticipated, and more gradual than for businesses in the domestic economy. 
Scott Pawley made a plea to the Prime Minister to meet the Travel Day of Action’s demands

All parts of the travel industry have been invited to participate, including travel management companies, leisure travel agents, airlines, airports, tour operators, suppliers and partners.

The day will be all about putting forward a positive plan for the Government. Scott Pawley, Managing Director of Global Travel Management explained that:

London, the world’s number one most connected city in 2019, saw an 88% decline in connectivity between April 2019 and April 2021. UK residents travelling overseas generate over £53 billion in domestic spending – but with borders being closed and travel to many countries being made illegal for most individuals, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, and many more remain at great risk.

The next weeks will be critical for the travel industry, as we look ahead to the next review on 28 June when the Government is expected to announce another review of both the traffic light list and also the requirements and measures in place for international travel. The Travel Day of Action is a campaign we are happy to support, as it carries two, important messages.

We want the Government to help the industry and businesses who need to travel by taking the two actions we are calling for. Allowing a risk-managed approach to opening up international travel; and providing travel industry support to help businesses cope with the on-going restrictions, now entering their sixteenth month.

The travel industry is calling on the UK Government to allow international travel to return safely in a risk-managed way and to bring forward a package of tailored financial support.

Scott has invited the MP for GTM’s Woking constituency, Jonathan Lord to the event, which takes place on College Green, outside the Palace of Westminster. Scott explained:

I have written to Jonathan Lord to put forward the campaign’s two, positive suggestions. I hope he will be able to join us on College Green immediately after Prime Minister’s Question Time, so that he can see the strength of the support behind the campaign. It’s a positive message and I hope we can get the message across.

Other countries are forging ahead with risk-based schemes that allow safe travel, most recently Germany, France and Spain. The UK is falling behind other nations in its travel restart plans and risks becoming an outlier, undermining our aspirations for Global Britain.

Scott also explained that, while some businesses in the travel industry have suffered greatly over the course of the pandemic response, it is important that the financially-stronger companies stand up. Scott said,

We have already seen airlines and travel agents succumb to the ravages of the pandemic response. So it’s important that financially sound travel management companies like us get behind this campaign. The travel industry needs competition – it’s vital we don’t lose any more names from the travel sector.

The campaign will attract travel industry members from across the UK, with events taking place around the country. And Sales Director Paul Baker pointed out that GTM clients will continue to receive the highest levels of service they expect during the day:

It’s a socially distanced, responsible campaign event, with attendance restricted to the hundreds of ticket holders who have pre-registered. We have several members of the GTM management team taking part in the event, including Kelly Packington, our Director of Operations. So, I have worked with Kelly to ensure all operational aspects of her – and her team’s – role will be covered.

All GTM clients travelling on 23 June will be fully supported, as usual.

We are calling on the UK Government to:
Allow international travel to return safely and in a risk managed way by properly implementing the Global Travel Taskforce’s plan for a traffic-light system, by expanding the Green list in line with the evidence and making restrictions more proportionate, whilst keeping a strong red list to guard against variants.
Bring forward a package of tailored financial support, including extension of furlough support, recognising that the travel sector’s ability to trade and generate income is much slower than first anticipated and more gradual than for businesses in the domestic economy.

Finnair to accept Covid-19 vaccination certificate as an alternative to negative test result or an immunity certificate when travelling to Finland

Finnair will start accepting a Covid-19 vaccination certificate from the first vaccination dose as an alternative to a negative test result or a certificate of a previous Covid-19 infection, on Finnair flights to Finland from 11 May, 2021.

Since late January 2021, Finnair has required that all passengers travelling to Finland – excluding transfer passengers – present either a negative test certificate or an immunity/recovery certificate as a prerequisite for boarding, in line with the recommendation by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare.

In addition, from 11 May, there is no requirement for children under the age of 16 to present a health certificate, but Finnair recommends children between 12 and 15 years of age arrive with proof of a negative test result. This is to speed up the arrival procedure at Helsinki Airport, where passengers with a negative test result are exempt from testing on arrival.

Kimmo Ketola, Finnair Medical Director said,

Vaccines have proven their power in fighting the pandemic, and vaccination certificates will play a key role in the upcoming EU Digital Green Certificate to ensure the health and safety of travellers.

The likelihood of a vaccinated person being infected and transmitting Covid-19 is very small.

Finnair will accept vaccination certificates for all Covid-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization or the European Medical Agency. The vaccine needs to be administered at least 21 days before the travel date. The certificate needs to include the customer’s name, date of birth, the name of the vaccine producer, the time and place the vaccine was administered, as well as the issuer of the certificate.

As an alternative to the vaccination certificate, customers can present proof of a negative Covid-19 test result or a certificate of a previous Covid-19 infection.

Paul Baker, Sales Director of GTM explained what this can mean for UK-based business travellers,

Finnair specialises in traffic between Europe and Asia, because the fastest connections between many European destinations and Asian megacities fly over Finland. Finnair’s requirement of a Covid-19 vaccine certificate as an alternative to a negative Covid-19 test will be useful for British business travellers, since the vaccine rollout has been so successful in the UK so far.

Finnair closely follows the development of health and safety measures in travel, and regularly updates its own procedures. Finnair flights have comprehensive health and safety measures in place, including a requirement to wear a mask during the flight. Measures are also in place when boarding and disembarking the aircraft, as well as during the flight.

Passengers will need to be sure of the travel restrictions in place between the UK and Finland and should check with GTM before travelling.

GTM rolls out Testing for Travellers

Global Travel Management has announced the roll-out of two Covid-19 testing services for customers planning international travel.

GTM has relationships with two suppliers, Confirm Testing and DiamondAir. Both organisations can test passengers pre-flight and provide negative test certificates by email, paving the way for unhindered progress through the airport and on to their destination country.

Scott Pawley, managing director of GTM said

There is a growing list of business destinations that require a negative test certificate from UK-based travellers. So we are pleased to have put together testing programmes from two industry leaders, so that our customers can get tested and can receive certificates prior to travel.

Any customer can now choose the most convenient method, suiting their requirements. Tests can be carried out at home, at Heathrow Airport, or in specific locations in London.

We can even arrange a hotel stay prior to departure, so customers can receive take the test a day prior to their fight, relax in the hotel overnight before receiving their negative certificate the following day and transfer quickly and easily to the airport.

GTM customers will have a choice of supplier to administer and carry out their testing. The two programmes work as follows:

Confirm Testing

The customer orders a test to be sent to their home address at least five days prior to departure by Royal Mail Tracked 24 hour delivery. The test can be stored at home until it is required. The customer follows the test instructions, takes the test sample and returns it using the Royal Mail Tracked 24 hour label and packaging, putting them into a designated priority post box.

The test sample is analysed and results provided to the customer in time for the flight.


The customer is tested in person, choosing to be tested either at Heathrow Airport or at one of Diamond Air’s London facilities in Mayfair or Enfield. The result of the PCR swab test is provided within 4-24 hours.

Customers can choose from several levels of service, including:

  • Test – this is a straightforward test, with results emailed to the customer
  • Test and rest – this comprises a test and overnight hotel accommodation
  • Test and destress – a test, plus departure/arrival meet and assist service including car transfer to/from the test clinic/airport

Paul Baker explained the service further

Testing for Covid-19 is mandatory for a growing number of countries. So we have negotiated a discount for GTM customers with these providers, meaning that, not only will they get a fully professional, secure testing process, they will get it at a discounted rate.

Some countries demand that the test certificate is produced within a short time-frame of their planned arrival in the country. So our teams of travel consultants can help passengers decide which testing service best meets their needs.

If you are planning to travel on business to a country that requires a negative test, contact your GTM Account Manager.

Recapitalisation of Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has taken a big step forward in securing its future, by launching a court-backed process as part of a solvent recapitalisation of the airline and holiday business, with a “Restructuring Plan” that once approved and implemented, will keep Virgin Atlantic flying.

The Restructuring Plan is based on a five-year business plan, and with the support of shareholders Virgin Group and Delta, new private investors and existing creditors, it paves the way for the airline to rebuild its balance sheet and return to profitability from 2022.

The airline claims the recapitalisation will deliver a refinancing package worth c.£1.2bn over the next 18 months in addition to the self-help measures already taken, including cost savings of c.£280m per year and c.£880m re-phasing and financing of aircraft deliveries over the next five years.

Global aviation was one of the first industries impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and will be one of the last to recover fully.

Virgin Atlantic took a number of actions to mitigate losses:

Virgin Atlantic’s shareholders, investors and creditors have worked together to deliver the company’s “Restructuring Plan”
  • In March, the Leadership Team took voluntary pay cuts
  • Since April, more than 80% of the workforce has benefitted from the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, supporting efforts to preserve cash and minimise costs. In Q2, flying fell by 98% and in the second half of 2020, capacity is expected to reduce by at least 60% compared to 2019, with pre-crisis levels of flying unlikely to return until 2023. With the suspension of passenger flying in April, the airline delivered an unparalleled network of cargo-only flying, operating more than 1400 cargo flights in April, May and June.
  • In May the decision was taken to close operations at London Gatwick and cut global staff numbers by c.400.

Having closed its London Gatwick base, while retaining a slot portfolio at the airport to protect opportunities for future growth, leisure flying is now consolidated at London Heathrow and Manchester.

By 2022, Virgin Atlantic will fly the same number of sectors as 2019 despite its smaller scale, demonstrating productivity and efficiency improvements.

The airline will operate a streamlined fleet of 37 twin engine aircraft following the retirement of seven 747s and four A332s by Q1 2022, with rescheduled delivery of outstanding A350s and A339s.

Shai Weiss, CEO, Virgin Atlantic commented:

Few could have predicted the scale of the Covid-19 crisis we have witnessed and undoubtedly, the last six months have been the toughest we have faced in our 36-year history. We have taken painful measures, but we have accomplished what many thought impossible. The solvent recapitalisation of Virgin Atlantic will ensure that we can continue to provide vital connectivity and competition to consumers and businesses in Britain and beyond. We greatly appreciate the support of our shareholders, creditors and new private investors and together, we will ensure that Virgin Atlantic can emerge a sustainably profitable airline, with a healthy balance sheet.

Paul Baker, Sales Director of Global Travel Management said:

The recapitalisation of Virgin Atlantic is very good news. Virgin Atlantic’s routes offer great options for business travellers, with a network that includes the United States and South Africa. Restrictions are in place for these destinations, but, as soon as they are lifted and business travel can re-commence, it will be great to have Virgin Atlantic as a trusted, viable alternative.

If you’re planning business travel to any destination on Virgin Atlantic’s route network, contact your GTM Account Manager.

Scott Pawley and Paul Baker interviewed

Scott Pawley and Paul Baker have appeared in the first episode of the Business Travel Interview.

Global Travel Management managing director Scott, and sales director Paul answered questions on a variety of business travel topics as customers plan how to start travelling on business again.

Scott Pawley announced a hygiene pack, containing face masks, gloves and sanitising products has been made available to GTM customers.

As more airlines ramp up their capacity in order to meet increasing demand, a number of GTM customers are working through the process of ensuring staff can travel as safely and efficiently as possible, but without unnecessary additional costs. So, Scott and Paul answered a number of questions on some of the key issues facing businesses trying to power the post-Covid economic recovery.

Scott and Paul looked back on some of the comparable events that have impacted the travel industry in the last few decades including 9-11, the economic crash, the volcanic ash cloud and more.

And they explained what lessons they have learned in order to help businesses get back in the air.

Paul Baker explained the effect mandatory social distancing may have on the costs of business travel in future.

They discussed some of the issues around social distancing and safety measure that are being mandated by airlines and airports around the world. And Scott described a travel hygiene pack, containing masks, gloves and sanitising products, available at a discount to GTM customers.

Scott also described the Covid-19 map which is now on the GTM website home page, showing the measures taken to protect citizens in countries around the world.

And Scott and Paul discussed how the costs of business travel may change in future, and gave tips to any businesses looking to start travelling again now, or soon.

If you would like to ask Scott, Paul – or anyone else in the GTM team – any questions in a future episode of the Business Travel Interview, please drop Scott an email: SP@GTM.UK.COM.

Industry leaders answer GTM’s client’s questions on business travel, coronavirus measures and the future use of the UK’s busiest airport

Senior travel industry representatives have set out a clear roadmap for business travel growth through London’s busiest airport and have answered questions from GTM’s clients. 

Global Travel Management was one of a selected group of travel management companies to address John Holland-Kaye and Clive Wratten in an online Q&A. 

Holland-Kaye, CEO of London Heathrow Airport repeated his calls for a “Common International Standard for health in aviation”, which would pave the way for infection-free passengers to be able to travel freely.  And Wratten, CEO of the Business Travel Association (BTA) set out his organisation’s five-point plan to get business travel moving again. 

Global Travel Management’s clients were asked what questions they would like to see put to the industry figures.

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley asked

The key to stimulating travel and to ensure clients see a swift and comprehensive return to travel plans is confidence.  Until clients have confidence that their travel objectives can be met safely, there remains a barrier to returning to travel.  What specific measures can we tell our clients that Heathrow is undertaking to ensure all travel meets with social distancing guidance and that airport staff, as well as passengers, are screened for coronavirus symptoms?

John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport, called for a Common International Standard for health in aviation

Holland-Kaye explained that the Common International Standard for health in aviation is something that needs to be in place and confirmed that the UK government is in a good place to bring together international parties to ensure that this happens. 

He also explained that Heathrow is taking several steps to ensure safe, secure passage through the airport for business and leisure travellers:

  • Passengers and staff will be required to wear face masks at the airport  
  • Surfaces will undergo more rigorous and frequent cleaning
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available for general use
  • Investments will be made to ensure zero-touch passage through security becomes the norm – this investment may take up to two years to put in place
  • Once passengers are screened, through security and air-side, the comprehensive use face masks will reduce the need to adhere to typical two metre social distancing

Paul Baker, Sales Director of Global Travel Management asked

Does Heathrow Airport Ltd have plans to instigate something similar to the testing on arrival carried out at Vienna Airport, which helps infection-free passengers avoid quarantine?

Holland-Kaye explained that tests should be carried prior to departure, rather than on arrival, and repeated his request for a Common International Standard to include an internationally agreed permit to guarantee arrival.

Wratten also explained the BTA’s five-point plan.

BTA CEO Clive Wratten has set out a clear, five-point plan to get businesses travelling again

The BTA recognises the many and complex challenges ahead in the fight against Covid-19, but firmly believes the following five key steps are necessary to get the business world travelling again:

  1. Timeframe – No one knows when travel can begin, and this missing date means consumers and businesses cannot be confident about future journeys. We need to move from a restriction of “All but essential” to “Essential business travel permitted”.
  2. International co-operation and clarity – The BTA is arguing for a set of globally consistent guidelines on social distancing, the use of masks and other hygiene measures.
  3. Protected travellers – When Governments and travel providers give the green light, the need to ensure everyone stays safe will remain crucial. This requires insurance to cover employees when they travel and, in case of disruption or infection, that businesses’ actions will not cause employee concern or dissent.
  4. Safe services – Airlines, airports, train companies, car rental firms, hotels and other accommodation providers will need to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt, the steps they are taking to ensure cleanliness and social distancing. This could be overseen by travel associations such as the BTA across the globe with a recognisable marque provided to those who meet the criteria.
  5. Competitive pricing – Economies are being squeezed; companies are under pressure. Hence, travel budgets for the latter half of this year, and for 2021, will be challenging. Consequently, all elements of the business travel supply chain will need to ensure they remain highly competitive on pricing. Achieving this requires government intervention and financial commitment today to keep struggling businesses afloat – both in the business travel sector and amongst those who buy from it. 

We would like to thank Clive Wratten and John Holland-Kaye for taking the time to answer these questions.

United States bans travel from the UK and Ireland

The United States is to extend its European coronavirus travel ban to include the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

The Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, announced that the US government will be extending their travel ban (affecting countries in the EU Schengen area) to include the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The ban will begin at midnight Eastern Standard Time on Monday 16 March (04:00 GMT Tuesday). US citizens will be able to return home after this date, however, they will be “funnelled” through selected airports.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has updated its travel advice to the United States, advising against all but essential travel

More and more airlines are now relaxing their previous rules and making tickets even more flexible.

Reacting to the latest announcement, Global Travel Management Sales Director Paul Baker said:

Global Travel Management, will be monitoring all comms from the world’s airlines so that we can help our customers to re-book and/or obtain refunds as they need to.

If you need to change your flight plans following the latest restrictions, please contact your GTM Account Manager.

See how GTM is tackling coronavirus for business travellers.

The best exhibitors at The Business Travel Show 2020

Global Travel Management visited The Business Travel Show at Kensington Olympia in February 2020.  But, in case you missed the event, we have produced a run-down of some of the best exhibitors at the show. 

The WIN Global Travel Network

WIN connects Travel Management Companies around the world, with a large network of locally-based TMCs in 75 countries. So, if you need to have business travel expertise in any location outside the UK, WIN can help Global Travel Management provide this for you.

Paul Baker, Sales Director of Global Travel Management said

I have worked with John Hobbs-Hurrell and his team for several years.  They’re great at finding expert local knowledge in markets outside the UK.

Paul Baker with John Hobbs-Hurrell, Global Head of WIN Global Travel Network


Atriis creates and runs the technology behind the industry-leading online travel booking tool.  And it’s the platform behind GTM Online. It It’s available 24 x 7 and means that all forms of travel are available to search and book immediately, at any time, by GTM customers.

Paul said,

We use Atriis as the backbone of GTM Online for one simple reason: it provides a very simple solution to complete the complex process of booking travel, without the need to pick up the phone or send an email.  Atriis have some exciting developments that will make GTM Online even better – we are looking forward to being able to share that information.

Amy Jeffery of Atriis with Paul Baker


Blacklane is a global chauffeur service, providing airport pickups and drop-offs or A-to-B trips between business meetings. They offer reliable, professional, licensed, insured drivers and you can book a Blacklane driver using GTM Online, or via your GTM Account Manager.

Paul explained,

The main two reasons we like to use Blacklane is that they are professional and reliable.  You can trust Blacklane drivers to be there when you need – and in all the time we have worked with Blacklane, they have never, ever let a client down. 

Paul Baker, with Carolin Sander, Senior Key Account Manager of Blacklane

Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express offers a great way to travel between central London and your terminal at London Heathrow Airport.  If you have a flight from – or to – Heathrow, don’t forget to book a Heathrow Express ticket, either online on GTM Online or direct with your GTM Account Manager.

Paul was keen to spell out what he thinks about Heathrow Express,

The great thing about Heathrow Express for our customers is that, when they book a flight from Heathrow and a Heathrow Express ticket, they can then sit back and not worry about anything.  They’ll be whisked from Paddington to the airport in as little as 15 minutes, without having to queue for tickets at the station or complete post-trip expenses claims.  And, as Heathrow Express can be booked on GTM Online or via GTM Account Managers, many customers have the view that their “flight” starts or ends at Paddington.

Paul, with Richard Young, Sales and Distribution Manager of Heathrow Express


We book UK domestic rail through the Evolvi platform. This means that GTM customers can benefit from the full range of UK rail services, including paper tickets, TODs (ticket on departure) and now, e-tickets.  All these trains can be booked either online, using GTM Online, or via a GTM Account Manager.

Paul observed,

Evolvi provide a simple solution to a complex technical challenge: choosing, sorting, selecting and buying train tickets, anywhere across the UK domestic rail network.  As Evolvi accomplish this reliably and efficiently, we make sure every GTM customer can access train tickets through Evolvi. Pic and caption

Paul Baker, with Melanie Glass, Head of Account Management at Evolvi


Travelport isn’t the best-known name among business travellers, because, frankly, business travellers don’t need to know who Travelport is or what it does. But Travelport provides technology services which are critical to airlines, hotels and car rental companies; and a “travel commerce platform”, through which the world’s leading travel suppliers are able to make their content and services available to Global Travel Management.

We have a long-standing relationship with Travelport and almost every flight booking we make comes through Travelport’s technology.  They’re an industry leader and we rely on their experience and expertise when planning future products and services, like our new app, Dave.  Travelport also publish insights into the global travel market, such as Travel Trends 2020 which is a surVey drawn from more than 23,000 travellers across the world.

Paul Baker with Travelport’s Paul Broughton

Business Traveller and Cellars in the Sky

One of our favourite sources of news about business travel – apart from the GTM Twitter account, of course – is the monthly publication Business Traveller. It’s been going since 1976 and now has fourteen editions around the world.  One of the best features is Cellars in the Sky – the annual award scheme that’s been running since 1985 recognising the best wines served on board the world’s airlines in First Class and Business Class.

After meeting Tom Otley, the Editor of Business Traveller and Holly Khorsand, the Business Traveller Events Manager, and after sampling some of the Cellars in the Sky winning wines, Paul said,

Cellars in the Sky is a great way to highlight one of the most enjoyable aspects of flying in business class or first class.  And I can confirm that the 2016 Brennan B2 available on Air New Zealand is a great choice as the best red wine served in business class last year.

Paul Baker with Holly Khorsand of Business Traveller

Let your GTM Account Manager know if you would like more information about any of the exhibitors listed here.