Simplified Avios collection: British Airways unveils game-changing benefits for UK business travellers

British Airways has announced a revolutionary change to the way Avios points are collected by Executive Club Members, effective from 18th October 2023.

This update introduces a transparent, consistent, and simplified approach, specifically suitable for UK-based business travellers.

Under the new collection model, Members will now have the opportunity to earn up to nine Avios points for every £1 spent, based on their Tier status. This innovative system ensures that the more one invests in their travel experience, the more Avios points they will accumulate.

Furthermore, British Airways has introduced additional enhancements that allow Members to collect Avios points on ancillary purchases. Starting from the same date, Members can earn Avios points when choosing upgrades and pre-paid seat selections. This serves as a recognition and reward for their loyalty beyond the flight itself.

This groundbreaking change means that, for the first time, British Airways customers can collect Avios points on a wider range of purchases, including upgrades, pre-paid seat selections and even excess baggage fees.

The amount of Avios points collected will be based on the amount spent rather than the distance travelled, ensuring a consistent and transparent approach that Members will appreciate.

From 18th October 2023, Members will enjoy the following Avios point accrual rates based on their Tier status:

  • Blue members 6 Avios points per qualifying* £1 spent
  • Bronze members 7 Avios points per qualifying £1 spent
  • Silver members 8 Avios points per qualifying £1 spent
  • Gold members 9 Avios points per qualifying £1 spent

It’s important to note that this enhanced collection model will also apply to flights marketed by our valued partner, Iberia**.

Ian Romanis, Director of Retail and Customer Relationship Management at British Airways, expressed his enthusiasm for these changes,

We value our customers’ feedback and ideas, which inspire us to evolve our Executive Club. Our updated system offers a simplified and transparent approach, providing more opportunities than ever to collect Avios points. By rewarding loyalty based on our customers’ cash spend, we’re adopting a proven model used by several global airlines, including our sister airline, Iberia.

This update to the collection model is the latest in a series of improvements to the Executive Club, demonstrating British Airways’ commitment to continuously enhance the loyalty programme for esteemed Members. Earlier this year, Avios-Only flights were introduced, with 100% of seats exclusively available to Members as Reward Seats. The overwhelming response was evident when the first Avios-Only flight to Sharm El Sheikh sold out within 24 hours.

In addition to flights, Executive Club Members have the opportunity to accumulate Avios points in various aspects of everyday life.

Whether it’s spending with the British Airways American Express Credit Card, travelling with Uber, converting Nectar points, or shopping on the British Airways Avios eStore, the possibilities to earn and maximise Avios points are almost endless.

Paul Baker: fantastic opportunity for GTM customers

Paul Baker, Sales Director of GTM explained how customers should automate their collection of Avios,

This is a great opportunity for you to add to your collection of Avios.

You should make sure that GTM has your BA Executive Club membership details so we can ensure each qualifying flight is immediately rewarded with Avios accrued to your account.

For more information, please visit the British Airways website.

*Qualifying spend refers to eligible purchases that contribute to Avios point accrual.
**The new collection model also applies to flights marketed by Iberia, British Airways’ partner airline.

Which airlines are best at getting you there on time?

The world’s best airlines – according to on-time performance – have been revealed.

For the first time in the 14-year history of Cirium’s On-Time Performance, a Latin American airline has achieved the remarkable feat of winning the global mainline award.

On time: Azul took first place, globally

Azul Airlines has received the prestigious title of the most punctual airline globally and in Latin America, securing the top position in both the Mainline and Network classifications.

Maintaining an exceptional track record, the Brazilian carrier demonstrated an impressive punctuality rate of 88.93% within the Global Mainline Category. Similarly, it achieved remarkable punctuality rates of 88.93% within the Latin America Mainline category and 88.37% in the Network category.

To celebrate their remarkable accomplishments, an award ceremony was held on 1 March at Sao Paulo’s Viracopos Airport.

During the ceremony, Jeremy Bowen, the CEO of Cirium, had the honor of presenting Azul Airlines’ awards to John Rodgerson, the CEO of Azul Airlines, as well as a group of eight dedicated frontline staff members who exemplify Azul’s commitment to on-time performance. Mike Malik, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cirium, and Lydia Webb, the Marketing Director of Cirium, were also present to witness the occasion. Additionally, the event was graced by the presence of government officials from Brazil and members of the Brazilian press. 

Jeremy Bowen said

Congratulations to Azul for its excellent performance in Cirium’s 2022 On-Time Performance Review, as well as for its success in Latin America, getting its passengers to their destinations on time as the sector revived during 2022

At Cirium we have a team that is passionate about airline operations. Many have decades of airline experience; we understand the complexity and challenge of getting people to their destinations safely and on-time.  Ramping back up operations so quickly after an enforced slowdown is not easy to do and the top-ranked airlines in Cirium’s 2022 On-Time Performance Review deserve their recognition for this well-orchestrated achievement.

Azul’s award comes weeks after Europe’s most on-time airline was announced by Cirium.

Iberia has been named Europe’s most punctual Mainline and Network airline.

A tiempo: Iberia and Iberia Express named among Europe’s most punctual airlines

Iberia Express has also received an award alongside its parent company, ranking third in the Europe Mainline airline category. An award ceremony took place at the Fitur 2023 – International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, Spain, to commemorate their outstanding achievements.

Mike Malik, Cirium’s Chief Marketing Officer, presented Iberia’s award to Javier Sánchez-Prieto, Chief Executive Officer of Iberia, and the Iberia Express award was presented to Carlos Gómez, Chief Executive Officer of Iberia Express. Rafael Jimenez Hoyos, Head of Production at Iberia, was also in attendance.

Malik said

Operational excellence is in Iberia’s DNA, but it is not limited to them, and is shared with Iberia Express.  Iberia Express is another high performer who was frequently among the best of the best in low-cost carriers finished strong in 2022 taking the number three most on-time European mainline airlines. The responsibility for this excellent performance is the hard work of every employee at Iberia and Iberia Express.

According to Cirium’s 2022 On-Time Performance review, Iberia demonstrated an impressive punctuality rate of 85.87% within the European Mainline category and 86.60% for the Europe Network.

In the same vein, Iberia Express achieved an on-time performance score of 83.80% for the Europe Mainline category.

Expressing gratitude to the representatives of the 17,000 Iberia employees present Javier Sánchez-Prieto, the CEO of Iberia acknowledged and appreciated their contributions in the airline’s day-to-day operations, particularly in navigating the challenges faced by the aviation industry in recent times.

He said,

Punctuality is the most evident symbol of the cultural change in Iberia and the good labor climate that we have maintained over the last eight years. Together with the good performance of Spanish airports, the commitment of our employees has been key to reaching this milestone in a particularly difficult year in the European and US airports where we operate. My sincere thanks to all Iberia employees for their enormous involvement in this great achievement and also thanks to Cirium for transforming and helping the aviation community monitor, manage and meet our goals.

Elsewhere, the Middle East and Africa award was announced in London this month.

Oman Air has been awarded the title of the most punctual mainline airline in the Middle East and Africa region.

With a remarkable achievement, Oman Air attained an exceptional punctuality rate of 91.38% within the Mainline Category of the Middle East and Africa region. This outstanding performance was accomplished as the airline expanded its operations to cater to the increased demand for the 2022 World Cup traffic.

To celebrate their remarkable achievement, an award presentation ceremony was held on 30 April at the headquarters of Oman Air in Muscat, Oman.

In Japan, the airlines and airports continue to demonstrate exceptional punctuality, ensuring passengers reach their arrival gates on time.

Cirium’s CEO, Jeremy Bowen, accompanied by Mieko Kosaka, Cirium’s Sales Manager, extended their congratulations to airline and airport officials for their outstanding accomplishments and presented them with the On-Time Performance awards.

All Nippon Airways (ANA), the prominent Japanese airline, has been named the most punctual airline in both the Global and Asia Pacific regions within the Network category. ANA achieved an impressive punctuality rate of 89.79% in the Global Network Category and maintained exceptional punctuality within the Asia Pacific Network category. The award ceremony took place on 29 March at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, where Mr. Shinichi Inoue, Representative Director, President, and CEO of ANA, Mr. Katsuo Yokoyama, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Executive Vice President, Mr. Yoichi Katsuoka, Executive Vice President (President of ANA WINGS CO., LTD.), and Mr. Hideki Mineguchi, President & Chief Executive Officer, received the awards.

StarFlyer Airlines, recognized as the most punctual low-cost carrier, achieved an extraordinary punctuality rate of 95.23%. A ceremony was held on 28 March at Kitakyushu Airport in Japan to celebrate StarFlyer’s remarkable achievement and acknowledge its global excellence in On-Time Performance in 2022. The award was received by Mr. Osamu Machida, President and CEO of StarFlyer.

Additionally, Japanese airports secured top positions in all categories (Global, Large, Medium, and Small) for their exceptional punctuality performance. Award ceremonies were conducted during the final week of March at each respective airport location, commemorating their outstanding accomplishments.

Iberia launches new uniforms designed by Teresa Helbig

Spanish carrier Iberia has released details of its stylish new staff uniforms.

Flight crews and ground staff of Spanish carrier Iberia will showcase new uniforms from June.

Nearly 7,000 company employees will showcase the new designs in a major international display: the nearly 140 destinations in 43 countries to which the airline flies. The new uniform will be debuted by flight crews and airport staff at the Madrid Hub.

Teresa Helbig joins the list of Spanish courtiers – including Pedro Rodríguez, Manuel Pertegaz, Elio Bernhayer, Alfredo Caral, and Adolfo Domínguez –who, since 1952, have lent their talents and skill to the design of Iberia’s uniforms

Iberia’s news uniforms are designed by Barcelnoa-based Teresa Helbig, the first woman to design a uniform for Iberia.

The Catalan designer takes classic tailoring as a starting point to create light and modern designs which are not anchored to current trends and remain timeless.

The collection combines craftsmanship, haute couture and avant-garde materials in a look to the past with an eye on the future, to continue reinventing what is to come.

The airline claims that the new uniform ‘displays a sober, elegant, and functional design that represents a natural balance between Teresa Helbig’s hallmarks and the current image of the airline’.

The uniforms are the culmination of the rebranding process that it embarked on in 2013.

The uniform’s colour range remains faithful to navy blue, fawn, and Iberia’s characteristic red and yellow.

It includes twenty elegant pieces that give no sense of rigidity, aiming for timelessness with some retro touches and some more edgy elements, such as pleats and strong shoulder lines.

In terms of its innovations, the uniform includes the very modern and functional sports shoes, along with a feather gilet and an updated design on the collars of the knitwear.

As for the accessories, the uniform’s ‘personality’ is enhanced by scarves, ties, gloves, and a bag, all of which lend it an elegant and avant-garde style.

Gemma Juncá, Iberia’s Brand & Marketing Manager, said

The new uniform is a key part of our brand, a sign of identity that reinforces our commitment to fashion and to the values of Spanish culture. We want our employees to feel proud to wear it and to represent Iberia.

The colour of the collection is based on navy blue and fawn, alongside Iberia’s “official” colours: red and yellow.
The new uniform will be debuted by flight crews and airport staff at the Madrid Hub, before being worn by staff at the rest of the airline’s stations around the world.

Walsh spells out IAG coronavirus safety plans

Willie Walsh has told a committee of MPs his plans for ensuring the safety of passengers and crew while the coronavirus epidemic continues.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of IAG, gave evidence to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee yesterday (Monday, 11 May)
Image: StuBaileyPhoto/Wikimedia-Commons/

Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group (IAG) was facing MPs gathering evidence for the Transport Select Committee.

He explained,

There is very little evidence of any passenger to passenger contact spreading of the coronavirus.  That’s not to say people on flights have not got off and subsequently tested positive and spread it as a result of that. 

Walsh went on to explain the measures IAG – comprising British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Level and Vueling – will take:

We will take all measures and we are working with regulators to implement what I hope will be a common system across – let’s start with – Europe, and hopefully globally, will take measures that need to be taken at airports, on board the aircraft and to ensure that all of the responsible authorities are able to track and trace everybody who has come off an aircraft to ensure that, if there is anybody that tests positive, that they can be tracked.

We are working with a number of regulators.  EASA, the European Safety Agency, will be publishing a draft document some time this week which will set out the regulations that they will propose to the EU27.  I expect that to be a comprehensive document which will deal with all aspects.  We will follow any regulation that is introduced to ensure that people can be confident that it is safe to climb aboard an aircraft in this environment.

Luis Gallego to succeed retiring Willie Walsh as CEO of IAG in March

International Airlines Group (IAG) has announced that Willie Walsh has decided to retire as chief executive. He will stand down from the role and from the Board of IAG on 26 March 2020 and will retire on 30 June 2020. Luis Gallego, currently Iberia chief executive, will succeed Walsh.

Antonio Vázquez, IAG chairman, said:

Willie has led the merger and successful integration of British Airways and Iberia to form IAG.  Under Willie’s leadership IAG has become one of the leading global airline groups.

Willie has been the main driver of this unique idea that is IAG. I hugely admire his commitment, strong leadership and clear vision, always ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead of him. I am deeply respectful of what he has achieved as CEO of this Group, of his sense of fairness, his transparency and his capacity to integrate people regardless of nationalities or backgrounds.

Willie has established a strong management team and I am delighted that Luis will be promoted from this team to succeed Willie as CEO. The Board is confident that Luis is the right person to lead IAG in the next stage of its development and we look forward to working closely with Luis in his new role.

Willie Walsh said:

It has been a privilege to have been instrumental in the creation and development of IAG. I have had the pleasure of working with many exceptional people over the past 15 years at British Airways and at IAG. Luis has been a core member of the team and has shown true leadership over the years and I have no doubt he will be a great CEO of IAG.

Luis Gallego has been CEO of Iberia since March 2013 and Chairman of the airline since 2014. He will take over as CEO of IAG in March 2020.

Luis Gallego said:

It has been a great pleasure to work with Willie over the last seven years. It is a huge honour to lead this great company. It is an exciting time at IAG and I am confident that we can build on the strong foundations created by Willie.

IAG has not yet named Gallego’s successor at Iberia.

If you need to book flights on any of IAG’s airlines – Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL or Vueling – contact your GTM Account Manager.

Iberia Strike Called Off.

Next week’s planned strike action by Iberia workers has, thankfully, now been called off. Unions representing most workers at the Spanish airline cancelled next week’s industrial action after they accepted a mediator’s proposal regarding the proposed job losses. Iberia’s management have also accepted the proposal.


Iberia Workers Strike Set To Continue.

Following on from last week’s strike by Iberia cabin crew, ground staff and maintenance workers, a reminder that this series of planned industrial action looks set to continue in the near future.

Further action is planned for 4th – 8th March and 18th – 22nd March.

Iberia Strike Action.

Please note that Iberia’s Cabin Crew and Ground Staff have voted for strike action from 18 to 22 February 2013.

Iberia are, therefore, offering passengers (with a ticket number starting 075) the choice of changing the date of their flights, or, on a refund on them. We (Global Travel Management Ltd) have already begun the process of contacting those customers who have booked a flight with us, during the aforementioned period, to assist with any changes, however, should you not have heard from us please do get in contact.

Northeast USA Weather Alert.

A winter storm with heavy snow has caused disruption to the transport networks across the Northeastern Seaboard of the USA.

Thus far we have received re-booking instructions from American Airlines. These also apply to the codeshare operated services of British Airways & Iberia (where the operating carrier is American Airlines).

The airports currently affected are : Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Harrisburg, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse, Washington DC, Watertown & Westchester County.

Please contact us for further re-booking information if your flight is affected.

Planned Iberia Strike Cancelled.

Further to our post below, regarding workers at Spain’s national airline, Iberia, carrying out a series of strikes which were due to start today (Fri 14th Dec); these have now been cancelled.

Unfortunately though the unions representing some of Iberia’s workers have threatened to strike again from early January, although this has not been confirmed yet.

Please keep checking our web site for further updates.