Virgin Atlantic is marking English wine week by flying an English Bacchus in Upper Class across its network throughout June

Virgin Atlantic and the renowned Yotes Court vineyard have joined forces to celebrate English wine week (17th-25th June) in a truly exceptional manner.

This exciting partnership entails Virgin Atlantic exclusively featuring Yotes Court’s acclaimed English Bacchus, aptly named ‘On the Nod,’ throughout the month of June in its Upper Class cabins.

Situated in the picturesque Kent countryside, Yotes Court vineyard sprawls across 75 acres of well-drained soil enriched with Kentish ragstone, creating the perfect environment for cultivating exquisite grapes.

Under the ownership and stewardship of Susannah Ricci, Yotes Court is renowned for its commitment to 100% sustainable practices.

As one of the pioneering vineyards to obtain the esteemed Sustainable Wine of Great Britain certification, Yotes Court prides itself on employing “living-soil” viticultural techniques, fostering biodiversity, and conserving the environment, thereby significantly reducing their carbon footprint per hectare.

Virgin Atlantic has a proud history of championing and implementing sustainable innovations.

As part of this ongoing commitment, the airline seeks to showcase exceptional brands that share its mission of sustainability.

In this regard, Yotes Court stands as a perfect match. The vineyard’s signature Bacchus, affectionately known as ‘On the Nod,’ derives its name from the thrilling world of horse racing. This term refers to a race so closely contested that the winner is determined by a photo of the finish, creating a truly captivating spectacle.

By featuring Yotes Court’s ‘On the Nod’ Bacchus on its flights, Virgin Atlantic not only provides a delightful and unique experience for its Upper Class passengers but also pays homage to the rich heritage and outstanding quality of English wines.

Business travellers flying with Virgin Atlantic during English wine week will have the opportunity to savour the exceptional craftsmanship of Yotes Court, immersing themselves in the captivating flavors and aromas that define this remarkable wine.

Shiada Drysdale, Beverage Lead for Virgin Atlantic said,

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of English wine, so I have been waiting for the right moment to introduce a zesty English Bacchus into our onboard range at Virgin Atlantic. I am delighted we will be offering Kent-based ‘On the Nod’ from Yotes Court in June as a ‘nod’ to English Wine Week.

Susannah Ricci, Owner of Yotes Court said,

It’s a real thrill and honour to have had our Bacchus chosen by Virgin Atlantic to celebrate English Wine Week this year.  Their dedication to adopting sustainable practices where possible, without compromising on quality, aligns very much to ours.  It’s such a great opportunity to introduce passengers to this amazing grape variety and I hope they thoroughly enjoy it.

Whether it’s the commitment to sustainability, the meticulous viticultural practices, or the captivating story behind the ‘On the Nod’ Bacchus, this partnership between Virgin Atlantic and Yotes Court epitomises the dedication to excellence and memorable experiences that business travellers seek.

As the airline continues to embrace sustainable and remarkable brands, passengers can look forward to a truly distinctive and environmentally conscious journey.