Our Operation Today – 18th January.

Published today at 0835.

We have already made plans to deal with the potential disruption to people’s travel plans today, and over the weekend, and the knock-on effect it will have on our ability to help them.

We have approximately half of our team in the office already and the other half working remotely from home, therefore, it is business as usual for us.

Please also bear in mind that our out-of-hours team will see a big increase in the number of calls they receive tonight and over the weekend. Please contact us by 6pm tonight, if at all possible, in order to help alleviate the pressure.

Friday 18th January – UK Travel Update.

This update published at 0817.

Currently Bristol, Cardiff & Southampton airports are closed. As the snow moves eastwards airports in the London area are making plans to cope with the disruption.

Some airlines, such as British Airways, have made a change to their normal rules and are allowing some passengers to make changes to their flights free-of-charge.

Please also bear in mind that rail services, including Eurostar, will be affected today and over the weekend.

Here we go again!

Travel View (Europe) – delays 17th January 2013 * latest update *

The following additional airports are now experiencing delays due to local situations:

Update as of 11.50am (UK GMT)



Nice / NCE (FR)

Weather Issues

Porto / OPO (PT)


Zurich / ZRH (CH)

Weather Issues

Frankfurt / FRA (DE)

Weather Issues

Bologna / BLQ (IT)


Stuttgart / STR (DE)

Weather Issues

South Africa: Airlines, rail workers to strike on 18th January 2013

From media reports: Bloomberg Businessweek reported on Thursday that airline and rail workers were planning to strike on 18th January over unmet union recognition demands.

Some 1,300 South African Airways staff and about 3,3000 workers at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa were planning to strike beginning Friday.

Most of the airline staffers work in technical, cargo, and ground staff capacities, and the strike impact on air traffic is not currently known.
The workers are demanding that state-owned employers recognize the National Transport Movement union as the majority staff representative, the news source indicated.

UK & European Weather & Travel Update.

Please note that low visibility is affecting the flight operations at both London Heathrow & London City airports this morning (Wednesday 16th January).

The following European airports are also affected today by snow and/or weather issues: Basel, Budapest, Frankfurt, Geneva, Gothenburg, Paris, Porto & Lisbon.

Please contact us should you have any concerns, or wish to re-schedule your flights. As always, please remember to check in online for your flight, as this will also enable your airline to communicate with you.



European Travel Update.

Further to our UK weather update below, please note that the following European airports are also being affected by adverse weather: Budapest, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg, Moscow, Stockholm & Vienna.

UK Weather Update.

Due to the light overnight snowfall in some parts of England we have been checking the operations at the UK’s major airports this morning (please find an update below).

However, the Met Office has also warned of a second, heavier, band of snow which will fall across some parts of the country this afternoon. Furthermore, with temperatures set to fall below freezing tonight, tomorrow’s flight schedule maybe worse hit. Therefore, please ensure you check in online for your flight today, or tomorrow, and ensure that either we, or your airline, have your mobile/cell phone number and email address.

1. London Heathrow – moderate delays but with an increasing trend.

2. London Gatwick – low delays, not predicted to worsen.

3. Manchester – low delays, not predicted to worsen.

4. Edinburgh – low delays, not predicted to worsen.

NB. Information correct at 0845.

Northeast USA Weather Alert.

A winter storm with heavy snow has caused disruption to the transport networks across the Northeastern Seaboard of the USA.

Thus far we have received re-booking instructions from American Airlines. These also apply to the codeshare operated services of British Airways & Iberia (where the operating carrier is American Airlines).

The airports currently affected are : Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Harrisburg, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse, Washington DC, Watertown & Westchester County.

Please contact us for further re-booking information if your flight is affected.

Christmas Opening Hours

Global Travel Management

Christmas Opening Hours

Monday 24th December                830am to 2pm

Tuesday 25th December               Closed

Wednesday 26th December         Closed

Thursday 27th December             830am to 6pm

Friday 28th December                  830am to 6pm

Saturday 29th December              Closed

Sunday 30th December                Closed

Monday 31st December               830am to 2pm

Tuesday 1st January                    Closed

Wednesday and on, it’s back to business as usual.

Outside of these working hours our Emergency Out of Hours department is on hand and ready to assist on +44 (0)203 130 9767

Planned Iberia Strike Cancelled.

Further to our post below, regarding workers at Spain’s national airline, Iberia, carrying out a series of strikes which were due to start today (Fri 14th Dec); these have now been cancelled.

Unfortunately though the unions representing some of Iberia’s workers have threatened to strike again from early January, although this has not been confirmed yet.

Please keep checking our web site for further updates.