‘How do you say “bottle of water”?’ and other important questions

Americans have always been curious about British culture, but how well do Americans truly know the British?

British Airways and VisitBritain have joined forces in a new campaign that gives an insider’s view on modern Britain, with all its vibrancy and warmth, to inspire US visitors to book their next visit.

The campaign ‘Ask Britain Anything’, created with Uncommon Creative Studio, takes a deep dive into 50 of Americans’ most-searched online questions about the UK and puts these directly to British people to respond.

Some of the most-searched questions by Americans included: 

  • What are British people like?
  • Why do British people like queuing?
  • Why travel to Britain?
  • What do British people eat for breakfast?
  • Is all British food beige?
  • What do British people mean when they say ‘hello love’?

The new campaign, which launches this week across the United States via television and social media, sees British Airways’ staff alongside people from across Britain answer some of these ‘burning’ questions.

Behind the campaign’s humour is a ‘bird’s-eye’ view of modern British society, with its unique people, cultures and quirks that make Britain such a special place to live and visit.

British Airways Inflight Manager Jason Consiglio, who took part in the campaign said,

The most surprising question was about British food being beige. I’ve been debating it among my friends ever since! Answering these questions gave me a chance to recognize how much I love being British, and the confidence to say how great we really are. We’re a beautiful country that champions traditions, cultures and people. I could not be happier to represent Britain, and British Airways, in this campaign.

British Airways Director of Marketing Hamish McVey said,

Everyone knows about Britain’s vibrant cities, historical sites and beautiful landscapes. But there is a curiosity around British culture – now more than ever. We’re incredibly proud of this campaign, which dispels the stereotypes, sheds light on who we truly are and why you should visit to get to know us better. And what better place to immerse yourself in the British spirit than on a British Airways flight.

VisitBritain Executive VP for The Americas, Australia and New Zealand Paul Gauger said,

We are delighted to launch this fun and engaging campaign, inviting our visitors to ‘Ask Britain Anything’ and extending a warm welcome to the US, Britain’s largest and most valuable inbound visitor market. By telling the story of our dynamic destinations and diverse culture, we’re inspiring visitors from the US to explore further, stay longer and discover the new and surprising experiences to be had in Britain all year-round.

The campaign includes a series of 12 unique and original films. More than 70 individuals were interviewed to take part in the series from across the UK’s nations and regions.

The cast included a Welsh rapper, an NHS neurosurgeon, Liverpudlian firefighters and a Scottish astrologer, to name a few, as well as British Airways colleagues.