BA Releases Details Of New First Wing At Heathrow.

British Airways has today released the details of its new First Wing at Heathrow Airport which opens at the beginning of April.

The location and design of the new First Wing means that Gold card holders will no longer have to make the circuitous route around T5 in order to access the lounge.

The details released by British Airways today include several new features.

1. An exclusive entrance – the entrance to The First Wing is through a “scalloped steel and glass enclosure, with the centrepiece carrying the iconic BA coat of arms”.

2. A dedicated security lane – there is a new security channel and then a direct route to the Galleries First lounge and the Concorde Room.

3. Greater privacy – a specially-designed, curved, fluted wall, three metres high and 29 metres long, “keeps the area separate and private”.

4. More space for check-in – the First Wing check-in area is more than 250 per cent larger than before. It also has more seats including armchairs, marble-topped side tables and bespoke leather banquettes.

And if you need to do some last minute shopping before your flight, you can always enjoy the escalators down to the retail area, which you previously had to walk past in order to get to the Galleries First lounge – enjoy!