Eurostar sets the stage for athletes and fans at Paris 2024

Eurostar, the European high-speed rail service, is primed to play a pivotal role in transporting athletes and enthusiasts to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympics.

With over 415,000 tickets already sold for travel to the Games across its network, Eurostar anticipates welcoming a multitude of passengers, including more than 2,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes from esteemed teams such as Team GB, Team Belgium, Team Netherlands and Team Germany.

In preparation for this monumental event, Eurostar is ramping up its services and bolstering its staff presence in stations to ensure customers receive a medal-worthy experience.

The company is even enlisting volunteers from within its ranks to adopt a ‘Games Maker’ style role, reminiscent of the London 2012 Olympics, as travellers embark on their journey to Paris.

On peak Olympic days, up to eight additional services will run between London and Paris compared to the usual timetable, ensuring seamless connectivity for passengers.

To commemorate the countdown to the Games, Eurostar recently welcomed two Team GB athletes to St Pancras International. Among them was Adam Burgess, a qualified Olympian and Great Britain’s first-ever canoe slalom U23 World Champion, alongside Team GB Breaker B-Boy Kid Karam, who is making history as the first to represent Team GB in Breaking, a sport making its Olympic debut at Paris 2024.

Reflecting on the significance of Breaking’s inclusion in the Olympics, Kid Karam remarked,

We’re breaking into the Olympics, quite literally. The sport is something the world hasn’t seen before, it’s a sport without equipment or coaches which means the onus is entirely on you as an athlete.

Beyond providing sustainable transport for athletes and spectators, Eurostar is committed to minimising the carbon footprint of the Games, aspiring to make Paris 2024 the greenest Olympics yet.

Eurostar trains boast a remarkable 95% lower carbon footprint than flying, emitting only 5.5g of CO₂ per passenger kilometre.

Moreover, the company has been lauded by the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good standard for its dedication to serving locally sourced, seasonal ingredients on board.

Commenting on Eurostar’s pivotal role in facilitating travel to the Paris 2024 Olympics, Gwendoline Cazenave, CEO of Eurostar, expressed her enthusiasm, stating,

As we mark the 100-day countdown to the Olympics, we prepare to welcome spectators to celebrate values and to create memorable experiences. We’re providing the greenest games yet for over 2,000 athletes and their staff. Only Eurostar can deliver this with our extensive network of 5 countries. On the way back, I am sure our trains will be full of gold. Paris 2024 will start before the official opening ceremony on-board Eurostar: we are excited to be the official travel partner not only for one, but four Olympic and Paralympic teams: Team GB, Team Belgium, Team Germany, Team Netherlands.

For further information about travel arrangements to the Paris 2024 Olympics, readers are encouraged to contact their Global Travel Management Account Manager.