From toy guns to blow torches: passengers risk delays as Manchester Airport confiscates hundreds of items of hand luggage a day

Manchester Airport is urging passengers to familiarise themselves with hand luggage rules following a notable surge in confiscated items.

From scissors to blow torches, the airport security team seized nearly 400 items in just one morning, shedding light on the importance of adhering to regulations.

Among the confiscated items, cigarette lighters topped the list, with 284 lighters surrendered during the morning period. Passengers are reminded that only one lighter per person is permitted, provided it fits into a clear resealable plastic bag and contains less than 100ml of liquid.

Toy gun: one of eight confiscated one morning

Additionally, sharp objects like scissors, multi-tools, corkscrews, and even sets of darts were confiscated due to violations of UK aviation security regulations which prohibit the inclusion of sharp items or blades exceeding 6cm (2.3in) in hand luggage.

The airport security team also intercepted eight toy guns, highlighting the strict regulations against items resembling firearms or those that could be mistaken for such. Furthermore, several liquid items exceeding 100ml were confiscated, including cans of deodorant, large soft drink bottles, and even a bottle of vodka.

Sharp practice: some of the haul of scissors

Graham Matthews, Head of Terminal Security for Terminal 3 at Manchester Airport, emphasised the significance of compliance with regulations to ensure a smooth and efficient security process. Matthews stated,

Each time we have to pull a bag aside for a manual search, it takes several minutes and can slow down the whole security process for everyone.

To expedite security checks and minimise delays, Manchester Airport is in the process of installing new state-of-the-art CT scanners. These scanners will allow passengers to leave large electrical items in their bags and bring full-size containers of liquid through security. However, until the upgrade is complete across the airport, passengers are advised to adhere to existing regulations.

List of items confiscated in one morning:

  • 284 cigarette lighters
  • 22 pairs of scissors
  • 12 cans of deodorant
  • 8 toy guns
  • 8 bullet casings
  • 5 multi-tools
  • 5 blades
  • 4 corkscrews
  • 2 hacksaws
  • 2 sets of darts
  • 2 large drinks bottles
  • 2 blow torches
  • 1 bottle of shower gel
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 one-litre bottle of vodka

Matthews urged travellers to pack liquids in clear plastic containers of 100ml or less, placed in a clear resealable bag.

Additionally, removing large electrical items from bags for separate screening can facilitate a smoother security process, ensuring passengers can proceed to their departure gates promptly.

Torch transgression: passengers were dealt a “blow” when their blow torches were confiscated

As Manchester Airport continues its efforts to enhance security measures, passengers are reminded to acquaint themselves with hand luggage regulations to avoid disruptions and ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

For information on flights to or from Manchester Airport business travellers are encouraged to contact their Global Travel Management Account Manager.