Austrian Airlines introduces ‘Tastefully Austrian’: a new culinary concept

Austrian Airlines is set to revolutionise the inflight dining experience with its new long-haul catering concept, “Tastefully Austrian.”

Commencing in mid-June, passengers can expect an expanded culinary offering, allowing them to customise their meals according to their preferences.

This innovative approach aims to highlight Austrian hospitality and cuisine, providing UK-based business travellers with an exceptional individual experience.

Michael Trestl, Chief Commercial Officer of Austrian Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,

We aim to provide our guests with a flying piece of Austria – a culinary experience the Austrian way. Our goal is to highlight Austrian hospitality and cuisine and to offer our guests an individual experience.

We take great pride in our return to form with the new long-haul concept and in bringing Austrian culinary delights to our esteemed passengers.

Passengers will now have more flexibility in customising their onboard meals, ensuring an enjoyable and personalised dining experience.

Additionally, the reintroduction of the Flying Chef in April further enhances the inflight service.

Business Class passengers can anticipate a range of exciting new additions. The welcome drink will be accompanied by a delectable bar snack, and due to its popularity, an expanded selection featuring a soup will be available.

Guests will have the choice of two international main courses, complemented by an authentic Austrian signature dish.

A highlight of the new concept is the introduction of the Viennese coffee house service onboard, where passengers can indulge in a variety of freshly-brewed coffees, paired with a delightful dessert. And a separate cheese trolley, offering a selection of digestives, will be presented in the cabin.

Not only will Business Class be enhanced, but also Premium Economy and Economy Class will see culinary innovations on long-haul flights.

Passengers in these classes can expect new recipes and creations presented in three- or four-course menus, featuring two main course options. Additionally, a light dish or small breakfast will be served on all long-haul flights, ensuring a satisfying inflight experience for all travellers.

The menu concept aligns with Austrian Airlines’ corporate values, reflecting their new brand orientation launched in April 2023: “Austria’s flair in the air.” The airline says this motto embodies the essence of Austrian hospitality and creates a sense of home for passengers.

UK-based business travellers can now look forward to an extraordinary culinary journey above the clouds, experiencing the warm embrace of Austrian hospitality and indulging in the rich flavours of Austria, all while reaching their destinations in comfort and style with Austrian Airlines.