Bridging Distances: Ferrovial and Milligan unveil ambitious plan for UK business travel

In a significant move, the Airports division of infrastructure company Ferrovial has joined forces with London-based real estate developer Milligan to identify and develop sites for urban air mobility operations across the United Kingdom.

This collaboration marks a crucial step in Ferrovial’s plan to construct and operate vertiports, which will play a key role in the emerging field of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) operations.

The partnership brings together Ferrovial’s expertise in transportation infrastructure development and Milligan’s strategic approach to site selection and engagement with local communities.

AECOM and Lichfields, acting as planning advisors, will work alongside the partners to assess potential sites and determine their suitability for eVTOL operations.

The announcement of this partnership took place at a special event hosted by UKREiiF in Leeds in May. Brad Miller, Ferrovial Vertiports Managing Director for the UK and EMEA, and John Milligan, Executive Chairman of Milligan, introduced their joint vision for the future of air mobility, emphasizing the importance of engaging communities and core stakeholders.

By advancing connectivity, this collaboration aims to transform the way towns and cities across the UK are linked.

Brad Miller, Ferrovial Vertiports Managing Director for the UK and EMEA, stated,

Freedom of movement is critical to global economic and social advancement. With a 70-year history of developing transportation infrastructure that helps communities flourish and grow, Ferrovial is proud to play a leading role in transforming the future of urban air mobility

Recognising the critical role of vertiports in enabling Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations, Miller highlighted their potential to provide sustainable and convenient air connections, revolutionizing travel within and between cities.

Stuart Harris, CEO of Milligan, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating,

UKREiiF has been the perfect opportunity to unveil the details of our partnership and plans going forward. With an audience of local authorities, central government, developers, and landowners, we are looking into the locations of the UK’s first Vertiports,

To ensure the success of the venture, certain imperatives guide the site selection process. Prospective locations must meet airspace requirements, offer a minimum area of 4,000m2 with access to utilities, and be free from residential or noise-sensitive areas. The sites can be situated on the ground or on existing structures such as rooftops or carparks, with design and fit-out costs covered by the partnership.

Milligan and Ferrovial are currently engaged in discussions with local authorities, landowners, and asset owners across strategically important locations in the UK, aligning with the demand model of Ferrovial Vertiports. This collaborative effort aims to establish the first Vertiports in the UK and set the stage for the future of urban air mobility.

The partnership between Ferrovial and Milligan, along with the involvement of Vertical Aerospace, a key partner of Ferrovial Vertiport and a leading manufacturer of eVTOLs, marks a significant milestone in advancing the accessibility and sustainability of transportation systems in the UK.

As the realm of urban air mobility unfolds, the collaborative efforts of industry leaders and stakeholders will shape the way we travel, opening up new possibilities for businesses and enhancing the overall travel experience for UK-based business travellers.