We are backing British Travel Month

Global Travel Management is supporting British Travel Month – a campaign designed to help employees in the UK travel sector.

Global Travel Management backs British Travel Month, running throughout November 2020

The travel industry is under pressure in the UK right now. Every week there are reports that travel suppliers are in financial difficulty and jobs are at risk.

ABTA recently reported that up to 90,000 UK jobs have been lost or are at risk across the travel supply chain since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

So Global Travel Management is supporting the British Travel Month campaign, throughout November 2020.

The campaign requires any travel itinerary produced on behalf of a client to include – where possible – at least some travel suppliers who hire staff in the UK. This means, whenever a client requests travel options, Global Travel Management will ensure they have an option that includes air, car or hotel suppliers with UK-based staff.

Scott Pawley, Managing Director of Global Travel Management said

Whenever our teams put together an itinerary, we make sure we’re offering the best advice, the best fares and prices and the most efficient trip that meets the clients’ criteria.

But now we are going to do something extra: we are going to ensure that when clients buy travel, they have the option to support British-based businesses and British staff.

We will offer a British jobs-based itinerary whenever we possibly can. We see it as “paying it forward”.

How does it work?

Paul Baker, Global Travel Management’s Sales Director said

Some clients are already starting to re-build the UK’s economy. They’re doing this by travelling more, by planning future travel and by finding out where and when they can travel.

And we expect more clients to follow suit in the weeks ahead.

By backing British Travel Month, we are helping the travel industry recover in the UK. We offer itineraries that are based on what the client needs, but we offer options that help protect and grow jobs in the UK.

If you would like to know how British Travel Month can work to help the industry while delivering you the best travel options, contact your GTM Account Manager.