We like to celebrate businesses who, like Global Travel Management, have offices in Watford.

So, every week, we promote businesses that are based – or have offices – in Watford.

We simply choose one company each week and tweet a link to the Twitter account of that business, with the hashtag #WATFORDWednesday.

In this way, our followers on Twitter get to find out about some of the other great companies that make up the town.  And they may decide to follow them – and do business with them – too.

Follow us on Twitter to see which business we are shining a light on each week –

And, if you know of any business that’s based in Watford that you think we should promote, let us know.  Send an email to sayhello@gtm.uk.com with the subject line #WATFORDWednesday – we will do our best to make sure they’re included.