Virgin Atlantic to launch new passenger systems


Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will move to AIR4, an innovative suite of passenger service systems (PSS). AIR4 offers reservation, ticketing and departure control functionality, as well as enhanced web, kiosk and mobile capabilities, featuring customer-centric options such as automated bag drop and disruption management.

The best-in-class suite of systems has been built on Delta’s proven PSS technology platform and has been selected by Virgin Atlantic following a thorough tender and evaluation process. AIR4’s implementation represents a step change in Virgin Atlantic’s technology portfolio and will cement the Virgin Atlantic/Delta joint venture as the most customer-focused transatlantic airline partnership, ensuring seamless experiences for both Delta and Virgin customers.

AIR4 (Access Information Real-time for Customers) will be fully distinct from Delta’s PSS but close alignment will allow Virgin Atlantic to benefit in full from Delta’s extensive development pipeline, creating huge opportunities for innovation and customer service improvement.

Virgin Atlantic Director of Network and Alliances Joe Thompson said:

“This is a further example of how our partnership with Delta Air Lines can bring extensive benefits both to our customers and to our business. By accessing Delta’s expertise and development plan we can build even better customer journeys, and offer an even more joined-up experience for customers travelling on our joint venture services.”

Perry Cantarutti, Delta’s Senior Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, added:

“Virgin Atlantic’s decision to use Delta’s core customer service technology platforms will simultaneously eliminate passenger experience seams and means that we can share long-term IT investments and direction which are key differentiators for our joint venture.”

The migration to AIR4 is scheduled for implementation Saturday 12th November 2016 at 13:30 and completed by Sunday 13th November at 06:00.  During this time, the Virgin Atlantic website and call centre will both be available, but they will not be able to accept any new bookings, amend existing reservations or amend chauffeur car bookings.

Passengers are advised to check in and arrive to the airport extra early

Virgin Atlantic is migrating from its existing host system for reservations known as SHARES.

Delta is the only U.S. airline to directly control its critical technology systems making it possible to build the next generation of technology that will improve the travel experiences of customers.