Norwegian Air partners with Anuvu to launch enhanced high-speed WiFi for European flights

Norwegian Air has renewed its partnership with Anuvu, making it the first airline outside North America to launch Anuvu’s high-speed WiFi technology, improving the internet experience onboard and enhancing the customer experience for UK-based business travellers.

Norwegian Air has renewed its partnership with Anuvu, a leading provider of high-speed WiFi technology, to bring reliable and fast internet access to its fleet of aircraft.

Pioneering: Norwegian Air Shuttle will become the first Anuvu Dedicated Space™ connectivity customer outside of North America

Norwegian will be the first airline outside of North America to launch Anuvu’s cutting-edge technology, which will provide stable and fast WiFi that is 20 times faster than what is currently available.

This move is aimed at enhancing the customer experience and offering a seamless in-flight WiFi experience to the UK-based business travellers.

The technology will be installed on Norwegian’s new aircraft deliveries and will gradually be rolled out across the fleet, giving passengers the ability to browse, stream, upload, and download at high speeds. In addition, Anuvu’s technology has extra bandwidth, which allows up to ten times as many customers to access the internet simultaneously without impacting performance.

Norwegian’s Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Christoffer Sundby, said,

We are very excited about this renewed partnership with Anuvu.

We expect to be able to start rolling out the new solution within the next year, significantly improving the WiFi solutions we offer our customers.

We are constantly working on developing and improving our services on board and having a seamless, stable WiFi experience in the air is critical to many of our customers – making it one of our most important priorities

The implementation of Anuvu’s WiFi technology is expected to enhance customers’ internet experience onboard and enable the crew to deliver more onboard services by improving the information flow between the aircraft and airport operations.

Norwegian was the first airline to offer WiFi on single-aisle aircraft in Europe in 2011, and the renewal of the partnership with Anuvu shows their commitment to delivering excellent customer experience through cutting-edge technology.

As business travel resumes post-pandemic, reliable WiFi on board will become a crucial factor for UK-based business travellers, and Norwegian’s decision to renew their partnership with Anuvu will certainly appeal to this market.

With the rollout of Anuvu’s technology, Norwegian aims to improve its customers’ travel experience and stay ahead of the competition in the aviation industry.

In summary, Norwegian’s renewed partnership with Anuvu will enable the airline to offer stable and fast WiFi, enhancing the customer experience for UK-based business travellers. With the implementation of Anuvu’s technology, Norwegian aims to stay ahead of the competition and provide excellent in-flight WiFi service to its passengers.