Lufthansa’s ramps up north American Dreamliner capacity

Lufthansa has announced the deployment of the Boeing 787-9 on routes to the United States and Canada from this Summer.

Environmentally friendly: The Dreamliner offers 30% better fuel efficiency than the aircraft is replaces

From 26 March, Lufthansa’s newest aircraft, the Boeing 787-9, is heading to further North American destinations starting with the summer flight schedule as of 26 March.

The 787-9 is a wide-body, twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Boeing and operated by Lufthansa, the German airline. It is part of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner family and usually accommodates approximately 290 passengers in a two-cabin configuration (business and economy class). The 787-9 is known for its fuel efficiency and advanced technology, including a quieter cabin, larger windows, and improved air quality systems.

The Dreamliner will fly six times a week from Frankfurt to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Lufthansa will offer four weekly flights to Montreal, Canada and ramp this up on 1 May to daily flights. Also early in May, Lufthansa will fly its Dreamliner daily to Denver, Colorado, three times weekly to Austin, Texas and on 13 February begin serving Detroit, Michigan.

Since October last year the Dreamliner has flown daily to Newark.

Currently, Lufthansa operates three Boeing 787-9s. Two additional Dreamliners will be delivered shortly.

The Boeing 787-9 offers passengers a much improved travel experience.

The cabin is very quiet and depending on the time of day, is lit by an innovative lighting system. The higher entrance area gives a pleasant feeling of more space and the large windows offer the opportunity for better viewing or can be dimmed at the touch of a button.

Business Class guests enjoy improved seating with, among other things, direct aisle access.

The state of the art long-haul Dreamliner is one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly long-haul Lufthansa aircraft. On average, it consumes 2.5 litres of kerosene per passenger per 100 kilometers flown or 30% less than aircraft of the preceding generation.

By 2027, Lufthansa Group will take delivery a total of 32 new Boeing 787-9s.