Lufthansa’s lowest air fares remain available to customers of GTM!

Global Travel Management will continue to offer its customers the full range of Lufthansa Group Airlines’ air fares, despite the airline restricting access to their lowest prices via the traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDS) from December 1st 2018.

Lufthansa Group Airlines’ most competitive fares, sold in the UK, for European point-to-point flights have always been available to GTM – and all other TMCs – via their GDS’. However, from 1 December this year, Lufthansa Group has decided to restrict the sale of their lowest fares, via a new channel known as NDC. This means that only TMC’s who are connected to LHG’s NDC pipeline will be able to offer these fares; and GTM is one of those!

GTM has access to these fares – typically offering significant savings on European short-haul flights. These Economy Light fares on Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss and SN Brussels Airlines’ flights across Europe will all continue to be available via GTM, but will be restricted from the main global distribution systems.

Thus, GTM’s clients will still be able to book these flights, while some other travel management companies’ customers will not. GTM continues to work closely with Lufthansa Group, along with British Airways and Air France KLM to ensure that our customers benefit from the widest choice of fares at the lowest available cost. Please feel free to contact Paul Baker, Sales Director, should you wish to discuss the matter further.