From farm to First Class: LNER’s new menus spotlight local producers

LNER, the rail operator, has unveiled its latest First Class menus, reaffirming its longstanding dedication to showcasing and celebrating local food and drink producers along its extensive route.

Spanning from the picturesque landscapes of Caithness in the Scottish Highlands to the bustling streets of London, LNER’s carefully curated selection of suppliers encompasses destinations across its nearly one-thousand-mile journey.

Producers hailing from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Durham, Northallerton, York, Harrogate, Leeds and Stevenage have been handpicked for not only the exceptional quality of their offerings but also their conscientious approach to production.

First Class: the Dine menu, selected from local producers the length of LNER’s services

The all-new First Class complimentary onboard menus feature an array of tantalising dishes.

Whether passengers opt for Dine, Dish, Deli or Brunch services, they are treated to a diverse culinary experience tailored to their journey.

Embarking on a morning journey? Indulge in a delectable American-style pancake stack, a delightful addition to the renowned ‘Full LNER’ and ‘Full Veggie LNER’ breakfast menus available on Dine services. For a lighter fare, options include Hot Buttery Crumpets or Peach Melba Overnight Oats, featuring a refreshing blend of peach, raspberries, blossom honey, and gluten-free oats soaked in natural yoghurt, available across all four menus.

As the day progresses, passengers can savour a new Homity Pie served with crisp salad on Dine, Dish and Brunch services. Bursting with flavour, this pie boasts a filling of potato, leek, and onion in a creamy sauce, topped with cheddar cheese and accompanied by a crunchy green pea and bean salad drizzled with lemon vinaigrette dressing.

For those opting for Dine services, an enticing fish dish awaits – oven-roasted cod served with boulangère potatoes and green beans, followed by a choice of a cheese plate or a refreshing lemon and elderflower dessert.

Starting 15 May, LNER’s Café Bar and ‘Let’s Eat At Your Seat’ service will introduce a range of new sandwiches and beverages, including vegan and gluten-free options, further enhancing the onboard dining experience.

Richard Judge, Head of Customer Experience at LNER, expressed his enthusiasm for the new menus, stating,

We are always excited when we get to launch a new menu, and we believe this is one of our best and most extensive yet. We are proud to work with local producers and suppliers across our route to create a truly wide range of delicious food and drink options onboard our trains, ensuring our customers get the very best experience and service when traveling with us.

For further information on LNER’s First Class fares and services, customers are encouraged to contact their Global Travel Management Account Manager.