First class festivities: LNER launches an exclusive first class Christmas menu

LNER has added a touch of festive flair to its First Class dining experience with the launch of a Christmas menu, complete with a seasonal cocktail.

‘Sausage’ roll: The turkey and cranberry savoury snack is filled with turkey and chicken with added cranberry and stuffing.

The exclusive blood orange Christmas Cosmo cocktail, crafted by mixologist Tom Savano, blends zesty lime, cranberry and crisp vodka, offering passengers a unique and delightful winter tipple.

Available until 3 January 2024, the delectable menu features a range of mouthwatering options.

Passengers can indulge in a turkey and cranberry ‘sausage’ roll, elevated with sage and black onion seeds, accompanied by an orange, spiced carrot and pumpkin Christmas ketchup.

For those with a taste for something different, there’s a cheese and Christmas slaw sandwich served on malted wheat grain bread.

For the ultimate indulgence, ravioli pasta pillows filled with creamy burrata, truffle and a spinach sauce are also on offer.

Sweet treats abound with options like a heavenly dessert pot of smooth, rich chocolate and hazelnut or a portion of Baileys Chocolate Truffles.

The festive menu reflects LNER’s commitment to local suppliers along its east coast route, showcasing the passion and quality of producers in London, York and Newcastle, who source exceptional local ingredients.

Richard Judge, Head of Customer Experience at LNER, expressed the significance of the festive menu, stating,

Nothing helps you get into the spirit of Christmas quite like food and drink, and this menu provides passengers with a complimentary festive feast. Thanks to a dedicated team at LNER, it features some of the finest culinary suppliers from across our route, and we’re proud to be supporting local businesses.

Passengers in Standard class are not left out, as LNER offers a ‘Let’s Eat At Your Seat‘ service. This includes a ham and Christmas slaw sandwich, truffle crisps and Yummycomb – a locally made vegan and gluten-free honeycomb enrobed in dark chocolate orange.

The culinary offerings are part of LNER’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience and ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers traveling during the winter season.

For further information on the festive delights and dining experiences with LNER, passengers are invited to contact their Global Travel Account Manager.