Cut the cost of booking on British Airways

Cut the cost of booking on British Airways (2)

Global Travel Management can reduce the cost to your business of booking flights with British Airways.

Since 1997, GTM has enjoyed a strong relationship with the United Kingdom’s flag carrier, British Airways. This has meant that we are able to provide the full range of fares across the airline’s extensive global network.  And, combined with our range of tools and technologies, we have always worked hard to ensure clients benefit from the best-priced fare on every trip.

Since the start of November, IAG (British Airways’ parent company) has made some changes to the way its fares are made available.  This has resulted in additional charges being applied by British Airways when its fares are booked.  This can add as much as £16 or more to a return fare, per passenger.

But, as our excellent relationship with British Airways enters its third decade, we are happy to announce that we can book these fares without these additional charges.

Paul Baker, Sales Director of GTM explained, “every time we make a booking for a client, we work hard to ensure that not only is the itinerary perfectly matched to the client’s travel requirements, but that the best possible fare is chosen for the trip.  And we work equally hard to ensure the cost is kept as low as possible.  We can consider many different means of booking flights and can pick the one best suited to your purposes.  This now includes the technology to book British Airways flights without incurring these additional fees”.

“While some travel management companies may simply add the additional fees to their charges, we are able to book all British Airways flights without incurring these otherwise standard costs”.

So, when you book your next flight on British Airways, through GTM, we can ensure that these additional charges are not applied.

If you would like further information on these fees, please contact your GTM Account Manager.