Air France elevates in-flight dining experience with new culinary partnerships

From this month, Air France is set to elevate the culinary experience for its passengers with the introduction of new in-flight menus crafted by distinguished names in the world of cuisine.

As an ambassador for French fine dining, the airline continues its tradition of showcasing French haute cuisine to travellers around the globe.

Departing from Paris, passengers in La Première and Business cabins will be treated to culinary delights crafted by triple Michelin-starred French chefs Glenn Viel and Arnaud Lallement, alongside renowned pastry chefs Philippe Rigollot and Nina Métayer.

In the Premium Economy cabin, the culinary journey continues with dishes created by the single Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Simonin.

Collaborating with Servair, a leader in in-flight catering, Air France ensures that the menus are prepared using fresh, seasonal produce sourced locally.

Emphasising its commitment to responsible catering, the airline ensures that meat, poultry, dairy products, and eggs are of French origin, and the fish is sourced from sustainable fisheries on departure from Paris. Vegetarian options are also readily available across all cabins on every flight.

Glenn Viel, renowned for his innovative approach to French cuisine, has curated an exclusive menu for La Première passengers, showcasing a fusion of Breton and Provençal flavours.

Speaking about his collaboration with Air France, Viel expressed his pride in highlighting the French art de vivre, elegance, and refinement for La Première customers;

I am proud to be working with Air France, which has established itself as the flagship of French aviation and highlights our country and French gastronomy throughout the world.

For the company’s La Première customers, I wanted to highlight the French art de vivre, high standards, elegance and refinement.

Philippe Rigollot, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and world pastry champion, brings his expertise to the dessert menu, offering a selection of delectable sweet pastries that promise to tantalize the taste buds of passengers. He said,

For Air France, I worked on light treats made of cream and sugar. I wanted to introduce different flavours and textures to the travellers of our wonderful airline. It’s a pleasure to serve you!

In the Business cabin, Arnaud Lallement presents a contemporary and gourmet cuisine infused with emotion, featuring dishes that reflect the essence of each season. Complementing Lallement’s creations, Nina Métayer delights passengers with her signature desserts designed as perfect travel companions.

In the Premium Economy cabin, Frédéric Simonin continues to impress with his meticulous attention to detail, presenting dishes prepared with the utmost respect for the chosen ingredients, providing passengers with a special culinary experience.

Air France extends its exceptional partnerships on flights departing from international stations, offering menus signed by acclaimed chefs such as Dominique Crenn, Olivier Perret, Jean-Charles Brédas, Jofrane Dailly, and Julien Royer, showcasing a diverse range of culinary expertise from around the world.

As Air France continues to redefine the in-flight dining experience, passengers can indulge in a journey of gastronomic delights that celebrate the rich heritage of French cuisine.

For further information about Air France’s culinary offerings, travellers are encouraged to contact their Global Travel Management Account Manager.