UK passport holders regain access to Indian eVisa service

There is good news for business travellers to India with the readmission of the United Kingdom to India’s eVisa process.

The online eVisa process means that UK passport holders no longer need to book in-person appointments in order to receive visas to visit India.

UK passport holders had been barred from the eVisa scheme due to a political dispute between the two countries. But the United Kingdom has been readmitted to the list of more than 150 countries’ citizens who can use the online process.

Vikram Doraiswami, the High Commissioner for India in London, tweeted a video message saying: “This service will be made available for you forthwith.

The High Commissioner said,

The big news today is that we are rolling out eVisas, once again. That should enable friends from the UK to travel far more easily to India.

So, welcome back!

To apply for an eVisa online ahead of visiting India, use this link to reach the Government of India eVisa system.

If you need travel or visa advice ahead of travel to India, contact your GTM Account Manager.