Please write to your MP, requesting help to get airport testing on arrival mandated in the UK

We would like as many companies as possible to write to their local Member of Parliament to request that airport testing on arrival is mandated and rolled out across the UK, in order to boost the business travel industry, provide confidence to businesses who need to travel to see customers and win business, and to end the requirement for 14 days’ quarantine on return to the UK.

If you are able to participate, the first step is to find your local MP, please use this link to find out who your local MP is

And then please copy and paste this letter, below and send it to your MP.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Dear [Local MP]

I am writing as the [title] of [business name], a company looking to help the UK trade its way out of the temporary, global financial crisis, to request your support at this difficult time. We want to be able to travel – at home and abroad – to meet customers, search out new opportunities and win business, but I need to ask for your assistance in getting business travel moving again.

The UK business travel sector is an important driver of economic growth and international trade. Travel Management Companies like the one we use, Global Travel Management, manage large companies’ strategic approaches to travel. This includes negotiations with vendors, the day-to-day operation of the corporate travel programme, ensuring traveller safety and security, as well as credit card, travel and expenses data management.

Business travel occupies a role at the heart of the aviation industry. It is life blood for airlines and accounts for between 15 and 20% of their customer base. For airlines, business travellers are typically twice as lucrative as leisure travellers, and on certain routes business travel can represent 75% of an airline’s profits.

Like many other parts of the economy, business travel has been profoundly impacted by coronavirus.  Many TMCs have seen a collapse in revenue of up to 90%, and we estimate that 7,000 employees have already been made redundant, with further job losses expected once the Job Retention Scheme ends.

To reverse this decline, it is absolutely essential that the UK rolls out testing at airports to replace the ever-changing system of travel corridors.

Throughout the world, Governments are using testing on arrival to revive their economies, maintain public health and restore confidence in travel. The UK should not just follow suit, but lead the way in implementing testing at airports, which is a vital solution to help thousands of jobs across the business travel and aviation sectors.

We know that there is a pent up demand amongst businesses and other organisations to resume travelling, but a new regime of testing at airports is urgently required to unlock it and get our the sector moving again.

Our business will benefit as soon as airport testing on arrival is rolled out. We will stimulate the economy, help to save jobs and put the UK back on the front foot, where we should be.

Please help to ensure airport testing on arrival is given the go-ahead, to help companies like mine drive the economic benefit we all so badly need.

Yours sincerely,

Click THIS LINK to see who your MP is.