PinPoint: the Duty of Care, Traveller-tracking and Covid resource tool

Global Travel Management has released PinPoint, a new, online tool enabling clients to manage some of their crucial duty of care obligations to employees and to remain abreast of Covid-related travel restrictions and the UK government’s latest travel guidance across the world.

PinPoint covers three main areas, each of which is critical for businesses planning or undertaking international travel, traveller tracking, FCO advice and local, government Covid lockdown rules, guidance and warnings from Safeture. And these three parts of PinPoint are complimented by a traveller-communication module, enabling employees to be reached by email or sms directly from the tool, if needed.

Traveller tracking

First, PinPoint enables any business to track the whereabouts of its employees travelling on business. The tool shows instantly where each colleague is and displays a colour-coded map, highlighting how many employees are travelling in each country or region at a given time.

PinPoint presents historic and future data, as well as current information. In this way it is possible to view the whereabouts of employees over historic date ranges. And, in the same way, details of future travel bookings can be displayed.

FCO advice

Second, PinPoint provides up to date information from the UK Government’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office on travel advice for any country.

The information is regularly updated by the UK Government and typically includes advice and guidance on any travel to specified countries, including, safety and security, terrorism, local laws, entry requirements, health advice and natural disasters, as well as the latest UK Government travel-related Covid advice for that country.

Safeture Covid data

Third, PinPoint gives immediate access to the Safeture data, which covers the infection rate and local government restrictions, laws and guidance on Covid.

This data is combined to produce a statistical evaluation of the levels of Covid in each country and the measures taken to manage and reduce the spread. With this information, it becomes easier to make informed decisions on how, where, when and whether to travel internationally.


PinPoint facilitates easy and swift communication with travellers. From any part of the tool it is possible to download itinerary information or to compose and send emails or sms messages to staff who may need to be reached urgently.

PinPoint: the Duty of Care, Traveller-tracking and Covid resource tool

Scott Pawley, Global Travel Management’s managing director said:

We have a number of clients who want to make quicker, better decisions about planning business travel. The Covid pandemic and the complexity of UK and foreign governments’ rules and laws make planning difficult. PinPoint helps our clients cut through this confusion and make informed decisions.

It’s critical that businesses are able to continue trading internationally. But the duty of care companies owe to their employees has never been more important. With PinPoint, it’s far easier to make fact-based decisions on travel, quarantine and risk. That’s why we’re rolling this tool out to so many clients.

If you would like to know more about PinPoint and how it provides vital information that is crucial to companies’ duty of care obligations, contact Scott Pawley or Paul Baker