DVT-busting product released to GTM customers

Global Travel Management has teamed up with Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Paul Westerman to make the RBR Legflow available at a discounted price to GTM’s subscribers.

The RBR legflow™ is a small medical device that sits on the floor under foot, incorporating two separate round domes with patented nodules®, each large enough to accommodate the user’s foot. Through three simple exercises, the RBR legflow™ improves lower limb blood flow behind the user’s knees, thereby reducing the chances of forming potentially fatal blood clots.

GTM subscribers can buy the device direct from the RBR Active website. And, by using the discount code GTM10 will receive a 10% discount against the normal retail price.

Scott Pawley, GTM’s Managing Director explained,

The RBR legflow is a light-weight, small, durable device, perfect for anyone who frequently travels on business.

I understand that anyone sitting down for 90 minutes or longer puts themselves at a heightened risk of forming blood clots. That’s not just people sitting in Economy class on a long-haul – it can happen to anyone, in any cabin on a flight.

So, when Paul approached GTM to see if we would be interested in making it available to our customers, we had no hesitation.

But it’s also useful for anyone sitting still for that period of time. We have many customers who are ‘desk-based’ – the RBR legflow is perfect for them too.

I keep one in my office and use it every time I find myself sitting down for more than an hour.

The RBR Legflow™ is registered and approved with the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a class one, non intrusive, medical device.
  • Sitting still for more than 90 minutes at a time significantly increases the risk of forming DVT – deep-vein thrombosis.
  • The ‘number one cause of preventable deaths in hospital’ is Venous Thromboembolism.
  • Every six seconds, globally, someone dies from a thrombosis-related event.

Key features of the RBR legflow™

  • A simple, highly effective piece of health care equipment developed to combat deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Designed to enable and encourage simple exercises that help prevent DVT
  • Clinically-tested to significantly increase blood flow in the lower limbs
  • Manufactured using leading ‘antimicrobial’ technology, assuring total clinical compliance
  • All materials used in the manufacturing of the RBR legflow™ are approved by the FDA and EPA
  • All active components have been notified for inclusion on the Biocidal Products Regulation
  • Lightweight, durable and user-friendly

GTM strengthens board

Global Travel Management has announced the appointment of its first Marketing Director.   

Mark Wilson has joined the board to steer and oversee all marketing campaigns and external communications for the award-winning travel management company.   

Speaking ahead of the appointment, Scott Pawley, GTM’s Managing Director said,  

We have known Mark for a number of years and I am delighted he will be joining our board to provide a fresh perspective on the way we communicate with clients and the wider industry.

Like GTM, Mark has been involved in the travel industry for more than two decades.  But he also brings marketing and journalism skills which will help us get our message across.  

Mark Wilson said,  

I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to tell GTM’s story.  The company has negotiated the pandemic, increased its customer-base, won new business and developed its portfolio of products.  So now is a great time to share what sets us apart from the crowd.   

GTM has a reputation of being innovative and responsive, and never being afraid to do new things.  This will continue as we look to launch more industry-firsts and industry-bests.  And I am looking forward to telling people all about the work we do that makes GTM the perfect fit for its customers and suppliers.   

Panorama episode “Airport Chaos: What’s Gone Wrong?”

Global Travel Management Managing Director Scott Pawley has written to the Producer’s of BBC’s Panorama in response to this week’s episode, Airport Chaos: What’s Gone Wrong?

19 July 2022

Airport Chaos: What’s Gone Wrong?

Dear Panorama  

This week’s edition of Panorama was an interesting, although sadly unbalanced report on the temporary issues facing the aviation industry and affecting airline passengers.   

The selection of statistics highlighted some of the issues facing travel this Summer but did very little to provide the ‘other side of the story’.  Specifically, that travel has returned, it’s growing very quickly and it’s fast approaching business as usual.   

The report claimed that between 2% and 4% of flights are having to be cancelled.  That’s bad news for anyone whose holiday is affected – those passengers should complain and should always demand the compensation that’s due to them.   

But the programme did very little to highlight the fact that between 960 and 980 flights in every thousand are going ahead; close to the 990 flights per thousand in “normal times”.   

Or that Heathrow – for example – has coped with 40 years’ worth of growth in just four months.   

Or that Heathrow has forecast to have as many security staff in place as pre-pandemic levels by the end of this month.   

UK plc requires its businesses to succeed.  And to do this, it relies on the BBC to illustrate the whole picture.  Because confidence in travel breeds success in business.   Business trips can face snags.  But this has always been true – as Aviation Minister Robert Couts said on your programme, “I can never promise there will never be delays”.  But, as Rory Boland also said on your show, “before you book, take a look around what’s happening at the airport near you [and] the airlines you’re considering and make your decision based on that”.  That’s exactly what savvy business travellers do – most effectively by relying on travel management companies to smooth the bumps in the road.   Flight cancellations may affect business plans, but, with careful management and with access to all options, they don’t need to ruin them.  

A case in point is your presenter’s visit to Milano Malpensa, with a crew, to interview Armando Brunini, CEO of SEA Milan Airports.  A crucial business trip that took place, despite “the chaos”.   

Aviation is returning, quicky to the successful, important industry it was, pre-pandemic.  Within weeks, I hope the focus will be on how well international travel has recovered, across all UK airports and all airlines.    

A “panorama” can be defined as something that enables the viewer to see the whole picture.  This week’s episode failed in that regard, because it omitted some of the strides the industry is making.   

I look forward to the follow-up, “Panorama: How Did Aviation Return So Quickly?”  

Yours faithfully  

Scott Pawley  

You can see the episode of Panorama on BBC iPlayer.

High-speed mobile internet to be made available to customers of all four mobile networks on London Underground

Access to high-speed mobile connectivity on the Tube has taken another major step forward, with Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 joining BAI Communications’ (BAI) network.

Customers of all four mobile network operators – Three, EE, Vodafone and Virgin Media O2- will be able to access high-speed 4G and 5G-ready mobile connectivity across the Tube, including within the tunnels. 

BAI was awarded a 20-year concession by Transport for London (TfL) in June 2021 to deliver mobile connectivity on the Underground. Once complete, customers will be able to make calls wherever they are on the Underground, check the latest travel information, keep on top of their emails, catch up on social media and live stream videos, transforming the passenger experience and securing London’s transformation into a smart city. 

BAI’s neutral host mobile network will also host the new Emergency Services Network (ESN), which will give first responders immediate access to life-saving data, images and information in live situations and emergencies on the frontline.

Work on delivering 4G coverage across the Tube network is well underway, following the successful transfer of the previous pilot section on the eastern end of the Jubilee line to BAI earlier this year. Positive progress now means that the next five stations to get coverage – Bank, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Euston, and Camden Town – will go live within the next six months. The additional connectivity within these stations will help customers visiting the city to make plans for shopping, events and socialising with friends and family in Central London across the festive season.

All stations and tunnels across the Tube network remain on course to have high-quality and uninterrupted mobile coverage. Some sections of Tube network will go live by summer 2023 – including parts of the Central line including stations and tunnels through the City and West End. TfL and BAI are also continuing to progress with delivering mobile coverage across the recently opened central section of the Elizabeth line between Paddington and Abbey Wood.

Mobile operators will also ensure continued and improved coverage via Wi-Fi on the London Underground and Elizabeth line when the network transfers to BAI in April 2023.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said,

Improving the capital’s connectivity and digital infrastructure is central to London’s economic recovery from the pandemic, so I am delighted that Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 customers will now have access to high-speed mobile coverage when travelling on the Tube.I committed to Londoners that I would deliver 4G throughout the Tube network as part of my determination to build a better London for everyone – and I have no doubt that this will transform journeys for millions of passengers.

Billy D’Arcy, CEO of BAI Communications UK, said,

We’re delighted to welcome Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 to our network and to reach another key milestone in our work to build a backbone of connectivity across the capital. Staying connected is more important than ever, and we are proud to be working with our partners to offer 5G-ready connectivity which will transform the way people move and work in the capital, allowing them to travel more smartly, safely and securely.

Ahmed Essam, CEO at Vodafone UK, said,

The UK needs world class digital infrastructure, and bringing 4G and 5G to the London Underground is a big part of that. 4G on the eastern stretch of the Jubilee line is already making a huge difference to our customers, and we’re proud to continue our investment in keeping consumers and businesses connected across more parts of London.

Lutz Schüler, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Media O2, said,

With our 5G network already reaching two-thirds of Londoners, this investment will bring next-generation mobile connectivity deep underground for the first time ever, giving our customers a seamless service while on the move. We’ve already invested hundreds of millions of pounds in the capital to expand and upgrade our fixed and mobile networks which has accelerated London’s transformation into a cutting-edge digital hub, fuelling growth and connecting communities to gigabit services.

Heathrow Airport sees 40 years’ worth of growth in four months

In a sign of the recovery of UK aviation, nearly 6 million passengers travelled through Heathrow in June, totalling 25 million passengers in the first six months of the year.

The unprecedented growth in passenger numbers over the last four months matches what took place over the last 40 years.

Heathrow re-started recruiting in November 2021 in anticipation of capacity recovering in the Summer of 2022. By the end of July the airport will have as many people working in security as there were pre-pandemic. The airport has also reopened Terminal 4 to provide more space for passengers.  

Rebuilding capacity quickly is very challenging after the significant reductions in resource across the entire aviation supply chain. Arrivals punctuality is very low as a result of delays at other airports and airspace congestion across Europe and this has compounded the challenge of resource constraints for the airport, airlines, ground handlers and government agencies.

In spite of this, the airport claims to have been able to provide a good level of service for the vast majority of passengers. However, despite its ‘best efforts’ there have been periods in recent weeks, where service levels have not been acceptable, with long queue times, delays for passengers with reduced mobility, bags not travelling with passengers or arriving late. The airport has stated it wants to apologise to passengers affected by this.

The airport spokesman told us:

In June, the DfT and CAA asked the aviation sector to review summer schedules, including implementing a ‘slot amnesty’ to encourage airlines to remove flights without penalty that will minimise further disruption for passengers over the summer getaway. Our number one priority at Heathrow is giving passengers a safe and reliable journey. We will carefully assess if airlines’ reviewed schedule changes will help achieve that.

Many people will not have travelled in some time. Passengers can help prepare for their journeys by ensuring they arrive at Heathrow no earlier than 3 hours before their flights, that they have their liquids less than 100ml packed in a clear, resealable 1L bag and remove their large electronic items from their bags prior to security checkpoints.

We are assessing the CAA’s latest analysis for the H7 regulatory period and will comment in due course.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said:

Last month, we saw exponential growth in passenger numbers as nearly six million people got away – the equivalent of 40 years of growth in just four months. I am very proud of the way that our team is rising to the challenge of growth, and giving excellent service to the vast majority of passengers. However, we have already seen times recently when demand exceeds the capacity of the airport, airlines and ground handlers.

We will review the schedule changes that airlines have submitted in response to the government’s requirement to minimise disruption for passengers this summer and will ask them to take further action if necessary. We want everyone who is travelling through Heathrow to be confident that they will have a safe and reliable journey.

Qatar Airways Unveils Platinum, Gold and Silver Lounges for Privilege Club Members and oneworld Partners

Qatar Airways has unveiled Platinum, Gold and Silver lounges at its award-winning hub, Hamad International Airport (HIA), inviting Privilege Club loyalty members and oneworld alliance card holders to access the dedicated lounge corresponding to their frequent flyer tier status when transiting through Doha.

The state-of-the-art lounge facilities, with stunning runway views, will provide a peaceful haven to Qatar Airways Platinum, Gold and Silver loyalty members, and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire card holders.

The brand new facilities will offer new spaces where passengers can rest, unwind and enjoy some of Qatar Airways’ renowned amenity products from Diptyque, and indulge in international cuisine and a wide beverage selection.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said:

It is my pleasure to announce the opening of three premium frequent flyer programme lounges at Hamad International Airport.

Our latest Platinum, Gold and Silver lounges demonstrate the airline’s commitment to rewarding Privilege Club and oneworld alliance members with coveted benefits that befit the service quality Qatar Airways is synonymous for.

We look forward to welcoming passengers to experience our sophisticated, modern and spacious lounges when transiting through the World’s Best Airport.

Qatar Airways Platinum, Gold and Silver Lounges offer an ideal space for relaxation or socialising with family and friends.

Passengers can extend an invite to one guest using their plus-one complimentary access – eligible to Qatar Airways Platinum and Gold Privilege Club members, and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members.

Qatar Airways Platinum Lounge South

Located on concourse A of HIA, Qatar Airways Platinum Lounge South will be home to Qatar Airways Platinum loyalty members and oneworld Emerald card holders. The state-of-the-art lounge accommodates up to 140 passengers, and is equipped with a quiet area, a prayer room, a bar, a restaurant, and showers. Passengers are welcome to enjoy à la carte dining or buffet, and utilise the complimentary WiFi provided. 

Qatar Airways Gold Lounge South

Located on concourse A of HIA, Qatar Airways Gold Lounge South will be home to Qatar Airways Gold loyalty members and oneworld Sapphire card holders. The newly inaugurated lounge has the capacity to accommodate up to 85 passengers, and offers an array of services including family seating, a bar, a dining area, a full buffet dining experience, showers, and complimentary WiFi.

Qatar Airways Silver Lounge South

Located on concourse B of HIA, Qatar Airways Silver Lounge South will be home to Qatar Airways Silver loyalty members. First opened in March 2022, the lounge accommodates up to 195 passengers, offering meeting rooms, a family area, a quiet area, buffet dining and baggage storage facilities. 

Qatar Airways was announced as the ‘Airline of the Year’ at the 2021 World Airline Awards, managed by the international air transport rating organisation, Skytrax. It was also named ‘World’s Best Business Class’, ‘World’s Best Business Class Airline Lounge’, ‘World’s Best Business Class Airline Seat’, ‘World’s Best Business Class Onboard Catering’ and ‘Best Airline in the Middle East’.

In addition to the launching of the Gold, Silver and Platinum lounges, Qatar Airways will be increasing its Doha – Melbourne flights from the current once-daily schedule to double-daily flights from 1 October with the support of the Victorian Government. The airline and the Victorian Government signed a strategic agreement to increase connectivity to Melbourne to further boost trade and tourism.

Meanwhile, Berlin is set to benefit from enhanced connectivity to over 150 destinations, following the increase in Qatar Airlines services from daily flights to initially ten and further rising to eleven weekly flights from Berlin Brandenberg Airport.

And Qatar Airways have agreed to appear as the Official Jersey Sponsor of Paris Saint-Germain, starting from the 2022-2023 season.

Qatar Airways currently flies to more than 150 destinations worldwide, connecting through its Doha hub, Hamad International Airport, currently named the ‘Best Airport in the World” by Skytrax World Airport Awards 2022.

IHG and Unilever join forces to end single-use bathroom miniatures

IHG Hotels & Resorts has announced a global collaboration with consumer goods company Unilever to replace bathroom miniatures with bulk amenities in over 4,000 hotels.

In 2019, IHG became the first global hotel company to commit to all of its hotel brands removing bathroom miniatures in favour of larger-size amenities, a key step in its pledge to eliminate single-use items throughout the guest stay by 2030.

All of IHG’s markets are now covered by bulk bathroom amenity contracts.

Unilever’s largest brand, Dove, will supply full-size hand wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion to IHG Essentials and Suites Collection hotels, including Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, avid hotels, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites.

Microbiome: find out how Dove moisturising
formula helps protect your skin’s living layer

The roll out of full-size Unilever products across IHG’s mainstream brands, which accounts for around 80% of IHG’s portfolio, follows the recent launch of larger-size bathroom amenities into InterContinental Hotels & Resorts properties.

The switch to full-size formats is expected to save at least 850 tonnes of plastic annually in IHG’s Americas region alone – the equivalent weight of five fully-grown blue whales or 70 double-decker London buses.

Yasmin Diamond, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, IHG Hotels & Resorts, commented:

IHG has pioneered the move to minimal waste in the hospitality industry and we’re excited to spell the end of bathroom miniatures through our collaboration with Unilever. Our guests are increasingly mindful of the impact their travel choices have on the environment and our colleagues, investors, owners and suppliers all expect us to act responsibly. Transitioning to bulk amenities across our global estate was one of our first significant steps towards eliminating single-use items throughout the guest stay by 2030. We’ll continue to find innovative solutions for operating more sustainably to deliver our purpose of True Hospitality for Good.

Umesh Shah, CEO Unilever International, added:

Unilever is committed to making sustainable living commonplace, and we have ambitious targets across every part of our business. We are pleased to partner with IHG Hotels & Resorts to help extend sustainable living into the travel industry by providing bathrooms with bulk amenities. Through this collaboration, IHG’s guests will enjoy a range of products from Dove during their stay, while reducing their use of plastic.

IHG’s commitment to pioneer the transformation to a minimal waste hospitality industry forms part of its 10-year Journey to Tomorrow responsible business plan, which includes a series of ambitious targets to drive positive change for people, communities and the planet.

As well as switching to bulk amenities, the group is working to eliminate single-use items, minimise food waste and adopt circular solutions for major hotel commodity items by 2030.    

Beating airport chaos

The Summer of 2022 has, so far, been conspicuous by the number of media reports about airport delays and chaos. But, how much disruption is there, and what’s the best way for business travellers to ensure their flights run as smoothly as possible? We sent our Sales Director Paul Baker to find out.

Terminal 2: United Airlines operates from The Queen’s Terminal – Heathrow’s £2.5 billion, privately-funded project, opened by Her Majesty in 2014

Paul spent a busy weekday at Heathrow, thanks to an exclusive invitation from United Airlines, who fly from Terminal 2, the Queen’s Terminal. 

Paul explained:

We arrived at Heathrow mid-morning on Thursday, 16 June. I was expecting to see far bigger queues, even though I know a lot of people who have travelled through London’s airports this month without any hold-up at all.

The journey to Heathrow is going to be different depending on time of day and day of week. And, with the train strike disruptions causing an added layer of issues, care should be taken when planning the journey to the airport.

However, with the Elizabeth Line finally up and running and providing additional options, Heathrow is gradually getting easier to reach.

Arriving: the escalators were eerily empty

The first thing that Paul noticed was the amount of queueing at check-in.

The check-in desks were busy, but the queues were moving fairly quickly. 

But, it was noticeable that many passengers hadn’t made use of online check in. 

I would always recommend using Tripscape or the airline’s own app.

United’s app and online tool, the “Travel Ready Center”, offer passengers a number of useful ways in which to ensure they’re ready to start their journey. 

For example, passengers can check in online, upload their Covid vaccination status and Advanced Passenger Information, which is required for travel to a number of countries.

From check in, the next stage is security clearance. 

The security process was running smoothly when I was there, however, I think this is one area in which business travellers can benefit from smart planning. 

By booking a Fast Track security access pass, you arrive at the airport knowing you will not face a big queue to get through security.  Even saving a few minutes’ queueing can reduce the stress of business travel.

Security is often a pinch point for airports. So Fast Track access is often an efficient investment for business travellers pressed for time. 

But Paul noticed one unusually large queue, beyond the security area:

Curiously, the slowest-moving queue in the area of security was a single line of passengers waiting to refill water bottles.

Once airside, Paul was able to see how busy the terminal was.  

The departure area was busy, but, unlike many media reports, there was certainly no over-crowding. There was more than enough seating available for all passengers and the shops were busy, but uncrowded.

Is this “chaos”? It didn’t look like it to me.

Heathrow T2 airside, late morning on Thursday, 16 June: busy, but not overwhelmed

After security, many business travellers seek refuge from the busy public areas of the airport and spend time in airline lounges.

Lounges provide a sanctuary where a business traveller can work, relax, take refreshment and prepare, ahead of their flight.  Some lounges offer exceptional and luxurious facilities. 

For example, United’s lounges have showers that passengers can make use of.  But it gets better.  Once you have disrobed, you can press a button in your shower room, your clothes are then collected by an attendant, pressed and returned, via a two-way closet. 

What better way to prepare for – or recover from – a flight, than a shower and freshly-pressed clothing?

Lounges typically display all the information on flight departures.  So passengers can stay in the comfort of the lounge until their gate is shown, at which time they can go straight to the gate.  

United’s Heathrow lounges: a range of refreshments and facilities are available in lounges for qualifying United’s passengers
United Club: Thank you to Ammy Sandhu, Senior Manager of Lounges and Premium Services and Sam Gillespie, Account Manager, for showing Paul round United’s lounges at Heathrow

The Gate areas were no more busy than usual, with neat rows of passengers waiting for final preparation of aircraft to be completed and efficient airline staff managing the boarding process easily

Departure gates: Paul found there was plenty of space and very little crowding

With boarding complete, passengers can kick back and relax onboard. But some business travellers like to use the time spent in the air as productively as possible. So, as WiFi becomes more widely available on flights, passengers have more opportunity to complete work tasks on laptops and tablets.

It’s great to be able to work during a flight. So onboard WiFi is a big plus. But sometimes, you just want to ping someone a quick message.

This is where United has another great advantage: messaging via WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger is free on United’s flights.

So, whether you want to check in with the office, message suppliers, or just keep in touch with friends and family, I would advise making use of this great, additional benefit.

Free messaging: United is one of a number of airlines offering free text messaging services via WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger, enabling passengers to stay in touch with the ground, even without using the premium onboard WiFi service

We asked Paul what his tips are for a smooth journey through the airport, especially when the news is full of reports about delays and overcrowding

First, take notice of when the airline tells you to check-in and arrive in good time. But make sure you have checked-in online before you arrive at the airport.

It’s crucial that you give GTM your full, up-to-date contact details before you travel, so we can let you know if there are issues that crop up during your trip and advise you on the best alternative plans.

Take a water bottle to the airport. You can’t take liquids through security, but you can fill up a bottle once you’re through. On hot days, it’s good to have water with you, in case you do face delays.

Think carefully about the advantages of not checking baggage. If you can complete your trip with just onboard bags, it often speeds you through arrivals ahead of others waiting for bags.

Always use Homing Pin for bags and valuables – in case any get lost at the airport or anywhere else on your trip.

And make use of WiFi onboard – keeping in touch with the ground and knowing ahead of time if there are issues often makes stressful journeys much easier to cope with.

Lastly, whenever you see a report of “hundreds of passengers being delayed”, remember it means thousands of passengers aren’t being delayed.

Every day, millions of United passengers reach their destinations without hitch, thanks to the continual, behind-the-scenes work of people all over the world, working all hours to make your journey as smooth, comfortable and easy as possible.

United: thank you to United Airlines and in particular to Sam Gillespie for giving us the exclusive opportunity to find out more about flying through Heathrow with United

Qantas First Class returns to Singapore

Australian national carrier Qantas Airways has reintroduced its First Class offering to its customers travelling to and from Singapore with the return of its superjumbo A380 aircraft and re-opening of its First Lounge at Changi Airport.

The airline will fly its recently refurbished A380 aircraft on flights between Australia and Singapore, and Singapore and London.

The aircraft’s premium cabins include fourteen First Suites, 70 Business Suites (increased by six) and 60 Premium Economy seats (increased by 25) as well as 341 Economy seats (decreased by 30).

The on-board lounge has been redesigned by David Caon in a supper club style with seating for ten people and a bespoke snack menu.

Singapore: an important role in Qantas’s worldwide network, says Stephanie Tully

Qantas has also re-opened its First Lounge at Changi Airport, which was launched in December 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular lounges on the Qantas international network. It operated for just three months before closing due to the pandemic.

The First Lounge operates alongside the existing Qantas Business Lounge ensuring all eligible customers travelling have a fantastic pre-flight experience.

Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully said Qantas is pleased to be offering its premium passenger experience to and from Singapore after an absence of more than two years.

We’d only just opened our brand-new First lounge before the pandemic forced its closure. Many of our Frequent Flyers never had the chance to see it.

We’re delighted to once again welcome our customers back to this beautiful lounge at Changi Airport. Our lounge team is excited to be back and eager to offer the warmest hospitality to Qantas and our partner airline customers.

Ms Tully added,

Singapore plays an important role in Qantas’s worldwide network as we continue to ramp up capacity in line with strong travel demand. It’s great to have our First offering back both in the air and on the ground at Changi Airport, which is consistently recognised as one of the best airports in the world.

The Qantas First Lounge has capacity for 240 guests and offers a Neil Perry fine dining experience with a menu inspired by Singapore’s vibrant dining scene featuring dishes such as a signature Laksa with Crayfish and Rice Noodles, Barramundi with Sambal Browned Butter and Shrimp-based Chicken Wings.

The Carrara marble bar invites guests to select from an extensive beverage menu featuring Champagne, bespoke cocktails including the Merlion Blush and barista coffee.

The 1,000 square metre lounge was designed by Australian industrial designer David Caon in collaboration with architect Kelvin Ho of Akin Atelier to provide a sense of calming luxury with a Singaporean twist featuring pops of greenery.

The lounge features classic furniture which is combined with both modern designed pieces to create a unique environment for customers.

There are zones for dining, working and relaxing as well as 10 shower suites for customers to freshen up.

Qantas will operate a daily return A380 flight from Sydney to Singapore and on to London as well as twenty A330 operated flights each week from Singapore to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Etihad returns to T4 at Heathrow

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, has confirmed it will return to London Heathrow’s Terminal 4 from 22 June.

Etihad’s return to Terminal 4 follows a temporary home at Terminals 2 and 3 during the pandemic.

Transport connections including the London Underground and Heathrow Express will also reopen.

The Etihad Lounge will also re-open for Etihad’s First and Business class guests, as well as Etihad Guest Platinum and Gold members. The lounge has separate areas for relaxing and dining.

Etihad has also confirmed that from July to September 2022 it is increasing its current four daily flights from London Heathrow to five daily flights.

Also from July, Etihad will increase its services into Dublin to offer a daily flight, and continue to operate daily to and from Manchester.

Etihad is asking all passengers to check in online, arrive at the airport early during this time – the Etihad check-in desks at London Heathrow will be open three and a half hours before departure – and also check whether they need to get Verified to Fly at etihad.com/destinationguide.