Two awards for Global Travel Management

Global Travel Management received two prestigious awards last week, awarded by the Advantage Travel Partnership. 

The annual Big Celebration Lunch is the spectacular annual gathering of suppliers and partners to Advantage, which is the third-largest travel consortium in Europe.  

Marketing win: the Advantage trophy for Best Marketing Initiative/Campaign

Hosted by television presenter Mark Durden-Smith and opened by Advantage CEO Julia Lo Bue-Said, the 2023 event took place at the London Hilton Bankside and marked the return to the face-to-face celebration for the first time since the pandemic. 

Global Travel Management’s first award of the event was the “Marketing Campaign/Initiative 2023”, for GTM’s Sales and Marketing Teams.  

Mark Wilson, Global Travel Management’s Marketing Director said, 

This award celebrated the work we do to engage with businesses around the UK.  Our weekly email newsletters have proved a very popular way to provide news updates to business travellers, travel bookers and individuals for whom corporate travel plays an important part in their day-to-day business.  Not everyone can expect to spend the time keeping up to date on the ever-changing business travel landscape, so a weekly digest has proven to be a well-read, much appreciated resource.

Individual subscribers to the newsletter can find out all they need to know about business travel from the weekly newsletter.  And, if they need more information, they can reach out to our team. 

The biggest award of the event, however, was the final announcement of the day.  

Spotlight Award: Scott Pawley with the 2023 Advantage Spotlight Winner’s trophy

The Advantage Spotlight Award is reserved for the individual who has demonstrated a positive contribution to the industry. 

Scott Pawley, Managing Director of Global Travel Management was named as the 2023 winner. 

Scott was described as having gone above and beyond throughout the course of 2023. 

The dedication went on to say Scott “has led his business with ambition and dynamism” and recognised Scott’s “drive to fully maximise the use of technology to drive a first-class service to his corporate customers”.  

Scott said, after the event, 

I am delighted to receive this award. And I am particularly pleased that it has been presented for the way in which Global Travel Management has been able to deliver a first class service to every customer, by combining state of the art travel technology products and a team of experienced professional travel consultants with unrivalled experience in the business travel sector. 

The dedication for Scott’s award also highlighted other areas of Global Travel Management’s business.  

Scott added 

We have worked hard to neutralise the environmental impact of doing business with Global Travel Management.  That’s why we have devoted so much time and expense in ensuring that we go beyond net zero by expanding the forest of trees planted by Global Travel Management and our customers to sequester all the carbon created by everything we do, every day. 

You can find more about the GTM Carbon Offset Programme here.  And, if you would like to subscribe – free of charge – to the weekly Global Travel Management business travel newsletter, drop us an email to

Scott Pawley receives Outstanding Achievement award

Scott Pawley, Managing Director of Global Travel Management, has received an award for his outstanding contribution to business travel innovation from Advantage Focus Partnership.

The award came during the Advantage Focus twentieth anniversary celebrations, presentation ceremony and conference at a central London hotel.

The presentation came as a complete surprise to Scott, who said afterwards:

I was completely bowled-over. It is very flattering to be put forward by the team at Advantage Focus for an award like this. I had no idea at all.

The award is in recognition of Scott’s contribution to Advantage Focus and its member companies for a number of years. Most recently, Global Travel Management developed Focus Fare Finder – a tool to ensure business travellers get the best-priced fare on every flight booking – and made it available to every Advantage Focus member.

Scott explained why he does this:

It’s for the greater good. We know that, when we develop a piece of technology that benefits Global Travel Management and share that with the wider membership of Advantage Focus, we are doing one really important thing: making the marketplace bigger.

Ultimately, if a business is well-served by an Advantage Focus member company, every Advantage Focus member benefits.

Abby Penston is Head of Focus. She took time to explain why Scott received his award and what it means:

It was an absolute pleasure to present Scott Pawley with this Focus Partnership award for his Innovative contribution to Business Travel Technology at our 20th Anniversary celebrations.

The ethos of Focus is a Partnership run by the Partners for the Partners and Scott is an absolute example of this in practice. Scott’s commitment to the Partnership is evident to everyone who works closely with us, our Panels and the Focus Central team. He is respected not just within the Partnership but also with our Supplier Partners for being a progressive innovative leader.

Scott has played a lead role in many of our products within our technology suite including implementing and maintaining our award winning Focus Fare Finder product, affording the Partnership the ability to stay competitive and efficient. This product strengthened our Technology portfolio and is utilised throughout our Partnership, daily.

Scott and his team at Global Travel Management were instrumental in our latest data project which again revolutionises the way we operate, allowing us to utilise our data to drive our businesses forward.

It’s this innovative approach to Business Travel that places The Focus Partnership and its technology as leaders within the Business Travel sector.

Well Done Scott, thank you once again for always going above and beyond!