Hand Baggage Only Air Fares.

British Airways is extending its new “hand baggage only” fares across the whole of its London Gatwick short-haul network.

Following the introduction of this new type of air fare on February 19th, BA are now rolling the concept out across the rest of its short-haul network at Gatwick from March 7th.

Customers choosing the “hand baggage only” fare can continue to take advantage of the airline’s generous hand luggage allowance and carry on a good-sized case (56cm x 45cm x 25cm), plus a handbag or laptop bag.

It is worth noting that BA’s hand luggage allowance is more generous than that of most of the so called Low-Cost Carriers, who only permit and strictly enforce just one piece of carry-on luggage. BA’s hand baggage only fares will also be eligible for free online check-in and seat selection 24 hours prior to departure. Likewise, BA still provides complimentary food and beverages on board.

Sales pitch over!