Drone chaos overcome for GTM’s clients

Drone chaos overcome for GTM’s clients

At Global Travel Management, we make sure our clients’ travel plans go as smoothly as possible.  Occasionally, there are events outside our control which result in delays and cancellations for travellers.  It’s at times like this that our team steps up to do everything we can to fix travel problems as they occur.  A good example of this was in December when Gatwick was forced to close due to sightings of drones near the runway.  That was an international news story.  But we prevented further drama for our clients.

Our Operations Director Kelly Packington explained how we dealt with the situation.  “The team immediately ran a report to see who was travelling to or from Gatwick on the day of the drone sightings. Once we had that information, we could start working out how to manage each passenger’s situation”.

Jane Marrison, Team Leader and Senior Travel Consultant, saw that one of her clients was caught up.  “One of my clients was due to return back to Gatwick that day. But any delay would cause him problems as he had another flight out the following day.”

“I checked his flight status with the airline, and his flight was shown as delayed but not cancelled. As a precaution I checked availability to Heathrow for my client, held a seat and then notified him what was happening and what I had done.”

“Throughout the day his flight status changed a couple of times. At one point his status changed to ‘departing on time’ and the airline asked me to cancel the seat I was holding back to Heathrow, which I did. However, his flight was eventually cancelled.”

“When the airline cancelled the flight, they ‘reprotected’ him on a flight returning the next day. But, as I knew he wouldn’t be able to return the next day I quickly went on to our reservations system and got the last seat back to Heathrow on the last flight of the day.”

This is just one example of how we manage clients’ travel, even when there are unforeseen problems impacting travel, worldwide.

What did this particular client think of the quiet, efficient way in which we made sure his travel was as smooth as possible?  Jane summed it up neatly: “My client was very happy!”

Gatwick Airport Update.

Gatwick Airport is open and operating normally today (Tuesday 30th December), however, there are some knock-on delays and cancellations due to yesterday’s incident involving the Virgin Atlantic flight to Las Vegas. Please ensure that you check in online for your flight for the latest news and updates.