Brussels Airport Update.

The first flight to depart from Brussels Zaventem Airport since the terrorist attack on 22nd March took off yesterday. Services are slowly returning to normal, however, the airport will not reach full operational capacity for sometime to come.

There are also additional security measures in place for departing passengers and we strongly recommend that you read these on the following web site:

Should you have any further questions, or concerns, however, please do not hesitate to contact us (GTM).

Brussels Airport Update.

Over the past few days Brussels Airport has carried out a detailed analysis of the affected building’s infrastructure. However, and at present, no dates for a partial re-commencement of flights has been given.

Some airlines have advised that their services to/from Brussels Airport will remain non-operational  until Friday 1st April. Flights for the 2nd & 3rd April are currently being reviewed.

We will continue to post updates as soon as we are notified. Please note that flights to/from Liege and Charleroi are operating as are Eurostar’s services into the Belgian capital.

Brussels Airport – Update.

Please note that Brussels Airport will remain closed today and tomorrow – Thursday 24th and Friday 25th. This is due to the on-going forensic investigation and until this is complete the airport operator cannot access the terminal building to assess the damage.

We (GTM) are following the Brussels Airport web site for the latest updates and will post these as we know more.

Brussels Airport Explosion.

As per media reports this morning, Tuesday 22nd March, there have been two explosions at Brussels Zaventem Airport. Currently the airport is being evacuated and all flights have been grounded. The Belgian authorities are advising passengers not to travel to the airport until further notice.