Impossible Foods featured in new plant-based menu options to debut onboard Delta

From the signature Impossible Burger to Black Sheep Foods’ plant-based lamb meatballs, Delta is introducing five new plant-based and vegetable-packed dishes for Delta One and First Class customers on select flights of 900 miles or more.

Delta is elevating the standard for vegetarian and plant-based meals onboard with unique new dishes featuring products from Impossible Foods, Black Sheep Foods and more locally grown vegetables.

The additional menu options will launch this month alongside the reintroduction of hot meals for Delta One and First Class customers on select flights 900 miles and greater.

Kristen Manion Taylor, SVP – In-Flight Service said,

Not only are plant-based meats like Impossible Burger delicious to eat, but they’re also often better for the environment, using far less land and water to produce. These new options are one part of Delta’s broader mission to promote a wellness-focused travel journey.

Delta is bringing its well-being commitment to life across the customer journey. From plant-based food options with Impossible Foods to a first-of-its-kind loyalty offer with Instacart, to mindful in-flight entertainment with Peloton and Spotify, Delta is introducing more personalized and health-conscious moments at every step to ensure customers travel well.

Impossible Burger

Delta is putting its own spin on the groundbreaking Impossible Burger with a green chili spice-rubbed burger topped with caramelised onion chutney and Manchego cheese served on a brioche roll.

Served on select flights 900 miles and greater.

Impossible Burger is made from plants for people who love meat. Savory, juicy and mouthwatering Impossible Burger handles and cooks like ground beef so you can use it on all of your favorite dishes. You can shape it into patties, crumble it, grill it, griddle it, sauté it and more.

Impossible Foods

Black Sheep Foods Lamb Meatballs

Black Sheep Foods’ juicy, plant-based lamb meatballs are inspired by the highest-quality heritage breed lamb; the Greek-inspired dish is served with spinach rice and feta.

Served for a limited time on select flights 900 miles and greater departing San Francisco in partnership with Souvla.

All of our ingredients are free of antibiotics, hormones, cholesterol, gluten, dairy, and soy.

Black Sheep Foods

Impossible Meatballs

Impossible Meatballs are made by Impossible Foods with a mix of Impossible Burger and Impossible™ Sausage and seasoned with a savory homestyle blend. The meatballs are served in a pomodoro sauce with orzo risotto, pesto cream, spinach and roasted tomatoes.

Served on select flights 900 miles and greater departing New York-JFK and LGA in partnership with Union Square Events.

We took the meaty texture and juicy flavor from our award-winning best sellers and combined them to create irresistibly delicious, nutrient-rich and fully-cooked meatballs. Soy and potato proteins deliver their meaty bite and essential nutrition. The molecule heme is key to our meatballs’ unmistakable flavor while coconut and sunflower oils give that juicy sizzle. Methylcellulose (a culinary binder commonly found in ice cream, sauces, and jams) and food starch bring everything together.

Impossible Foods

Cauliflower Cakes

Delicious pan-fried cauliflower cakes made with riced cauliflower, rapini and parmesan are served with creamy pesto orzo, roasted tomatoes, and toasted hazelnuts.

Served on select flights 900 miles and greater departing Seattle.

Warm Seasonal Vegetable Plate

This vegetable-packed dish features fresh broccolini, roasted button mushrooms, grilled heirloom carrots, grilled red onions and roasted cherry tomatoes, served with herb-scented Israeli couscous and a lemon herb butter.

Served on select flights 900 miles and greater.